Tips for posting Your Opinion

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When posting your Opinion:

First make sure you are logged into the Hopatcong Lake Regional News Site ( If you have not already registered for the site, you will need to do this before trying to post your opinion.


Next under the top menu select “Your Option” and then from the Side Navigation select “Add your Opinion (Requires Login)”

This will open up the online form where you can create “Your Opinion”

Step by Step instruction for completing the form: 

  1. Enter the Title for your Opinion (i.e. Garbage Services)
  2. Skip the block called “Alias” as this will be automatically populated for you.
  3. Now type your detailed information into the following Rich Media Box
    • This is similar to using Microsoft Word, where you bold items etc.
    • You can also create items in your favorite word-processor and just copy the test into the big box
    • Use the Image icon to upload any pictures you may want to add
  4. Once finished just click “Save” at the very top and Your Opinion will be submitted for approval
    • Please allow about 1-hour for the Site Editor to review and approve your posting

 If you have any issues porting your opinion, just notify and we’ll help you with the process.

Note: This area is for Hopatcong Lake Residents to vocalize about what’s on their mind. If you need to enter Business Information of Events, please use the sections that are available for these type of communications.

Step-by-Step with Graphics



Click on “Your Opinion” from the top menu

Next, use the login form to sign into the site (if you are a member)

Or, create a new account for the site… It’s quick and easy!!!

Enter a title for Your Opinion (i.e. Garbage Services)

Leave this blank

Use the full text editor above as if you’re were using Microsoft Word. Our just create the Opinion in MS-Word and paste it into this area.

Lastly save your submission (top left)!

If you have any problems, please contact and we’ll help you get your posting on-line.