Young Woman in Video steps forward - Video is fabricated

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Hopatcong Lake Regional News received the following information this evening from David Kazneer, and we are posting this as "Your Opinion" from David for your information only as no official charges have  been filed.

According to the information we received: All of the pictures, videos, written statements, witness information and other pertinent evidence regarding this and other illegal activity has been given to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

Update 04/27/2019: According to reporting from NJ.Com woman pictured n the provocative video with the sheriff says he never groped her backside. Video is ‘fabricated, ' she says, "and added she suspects the images have been “completely fabricated” and circulated by a political rival."

Update 04/25/2019: According to reporting from the New Jersey Herald - Sussex County Sheriff Michael Strada says a video released late Tuesday to more than 150 media organizations that shows him touching the posterior of a uniformed female firefighter during a 2018 event in Stillwater is "doctored."

  • According 04/24/2019 to News12: That woman has not filed a complaint, but those who witnessed the act say that they have given a statement to the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General. The state attorney general’s office has not yet confirmed the investigation.
  • According to 04/24/2019 NJ.Com: Video appears to show sheriff cupping a woman’s backside. The sheriff says don’t believe it.

Photos that are Reportly Doctored


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Stillwater Installation Dinner:

  • February 2018 – Sussex County Sheriff Michael Strada attends the Stillwater Fire/Ambulance Installation dinner.

  • Sheriff Strada is standing on the right of a female firefighter who is in uniform near the bar. There are multiple people present.

  • Sheriff Strada places his left hand on her buttocks, squeezes and strokes up and down, as shown in video and stills.

  • The victim, female firefighter, complains about Sheriff Strada’s inappropriate and criminal behavior.

  • The victim, (female firefighter’s) significant other, complains about Sheriff Strada’s inappropriate and criminal behavior and there in nearly a physical confrontation between the two.

  • Sheriff Strada is escorted to his table to retrieve his belongings and then out of the dinner by two (2) males.

  • Shortly after the Installation Dinner, word leaks out about the video.

  • A High Ranking Stillwater Fire Department Officer orders all members of the Fire Department to destroy any copies they may have of the video

  • Shortly after that High Ranking Fire Department Officer orders the destruction of the video, he is appointed as a Sussex County investigator, circumventing the civil service test.

  • Mid-March 2019, in response to a continued pattern of harassment, intimidation and persecution by Sheriff Strada of multiple county employees and citizens, people begin to try and obtain a copy of the video of the inappropriate touching by Sheriff Strada that occurred at the Stillwater Fire/EMS Installation Dinner.

  • Word gets out that a local EMT is trying to find out about the video.

  • On March 27, 2019 the EMT gets a call from a blocked number, and a male caller, tells the EMT to “stop poking your nose into places you shouldn’t” and was also followed by unmarked law enforcement vehicles as well as around at the job by officers.

All of the pictures, videos, written statements, witness information and other pertinent evidence regarding this and other illegal activity has been given to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.


Hopatcong Lake Regional News have reached out to the following for more Information:

  • Stillwater Area Volunteer Fire Company – Unavailable for comment – Returns calls weekly
  • Stillwater EMS - Indicates that this was not their function, and there were not present, therefore they have no comment
  • Stillwater Event Location: Unable to identify location where this was held in 2018, so unable to verify with establishment
  • Sussex County Sheriff Michael Strada – Unavailable for comment, Left Mutiple Messages for his comment, all go unanswered
  • Source David Kazneer: Awaiting additional information to validate the accusation, searched for his phone number, but not listed in Sussex County
  • Andy Boden Running against Sheriff Michael Strada: Requested Comment

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