Mount Arlington FOP 78 – Participate in NO SHAVE November – With December Kicker

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The Mount Arlington FOP 78 anounce that it is that time again and will be participating in No Shave November!

If you would like to join the Mount Arlington Police/F.O.P. by showing your support for No Shave November, please reach out to Officer P. DeRosa at

We ask each participant to please donate $20.

Fund Raising Information:

Start Date: 11/01/2020

End Date: 12/31/2020

Key Contact:  Officer P. DeRosa at

Suggested Donation: $20 for November / $20 for December Kicker (Optional)

Beneficiaries: Men's Cancer Research / the New Jersey Special Olympics

For the month of November, all donations raised will go to support men's cancer research.

This year we will keep it going through December, with each participant making another $20 donation!!!  All donations made in December will go to the New Jersey Special Olympics, in partnership with the New Jersey State Chiefs of Police Association.

This is a fun way to show support and help donate to a great cause and great organization.


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