Mount Arlington 8th Grade Students make Historical Connections to the engineering of the Morris Canal

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The eighth grade Mt. Arlington class under the instruction of Julie Crawford, Gateway Enrichment Teacher presents the work of students Lucas Roldan and Thomas McGlynn, which researched and developed a detail summary of the development of the Morris Canal.

Along the way they discovered how studying past technological advances helps people understand how social issues are connected.   They studied the Macculloch family. George Macculloch help envision and manage the development of the Morris Canal, and the Macculloch Family made major contributions to the development of the region.


Morris Canal Map

With the development of the Morris Canal, Lake Hopatcong served as the headwaters feeding water west to the Delaware and east to the Hudson River. Landing and the surrounding area served as a commerce as well as a recreational center for decades.

Completed in 1837, the Morris Canal was an engineering landmark that relied on canals, locks and inclined planes to lift and carry canal boats from Phillipsburg on the Delaware River to Jersey City, the Hudson River and New York Harbor. The boats transported coal, iron ore, manufactured goods and agricultural produce.   Lake Hopatcong was the highest elevation on the canal, so water fed both east and west.

A reflection of the historical context provides insight for development today as our nation faces aging infrastructure and social needs. They students will be donating placards of their research to the Macculloch Hall Historical Museum (MHHM) in Morristown.

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