Caring Kids Wanted - For Caring & Sharing at the Retirement Home

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Kids Make A Difference, based in Mount Arlington, provides a variety of free opportunities for interested elementary school and middle school kids around The Lake to come together to make a difference.

Visiting nursing home residents can benefit both young and old

We should value all ages in our communities, from the very young to the very old. But the oldest old in nursing homes and assisted living facilities often feel isolated and excluded. Developing stronger connections between these older adults and their community can have tremendous benefits for young and old. Even older adults with serious memory loss or cognitive limitations can still enjoy a visit, even if they don't remember it later. Kids often value the opportunity to make a difference in an older person's life. They are eager to help in a nursing home once they become comfortable. They learn how to interact with people different than themselves and they learn responsibility – because the older people depend on them.

Kids Make A Difference – Mount Arlington

The mission statement of Kids Make A Difference is, "Helping make a difference in the lives of kids, and helping kids make a difference in life." While these programs are totally free for any kids who want to get involved, advance RSVP is needed.

Interested parents can email the director, Ph.D. in Education Dr. Andy Mars at to coordinate to meet and find out more about these incredibly empowering and engaging opportunities.    

Parents. Contact for your children to join us in caring & sharing with our senior friends – join us once-a-while or join us once-a-month!

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