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On June 24, 2015, Christopher Jr. fell into the water from a pontoon boat rented by his father in the area of Byram Cove. Christopher Jr. suffered a head injury when he was struck by the boat. The boy's organs were donated, and a month later, in his memory and in effort to promote random acts of kindness, the family launched the Kindness for Christopher campaign.

 Now Two Years and Six Months Later, they recap the outstanding progress they have made:

From Chris D'Amico: Remember when I said four days ago we’ve changed the world? Do you have a minute? In the 2 1/2 years of this Kindness for Christopher movement, the following has happened.

KindnessIn three separate pajama drives we’ve raised over 9000 pairs of new PJs of all sizes and have donated to families in need, orphans, children in hospitals, flood victims in Texas and Puerto Rico, Battered Women’s Shelters, CHOP, Aidens Army, Hearts for Emma, NY Presbyterian Hospital, Bayada Nursing and Goryeb Children’s Hospital… just to name a few.

And Hackensack Hospital. Where they had a PJ party where we received a letter from a father telling us about how one of the young girls didn’t get out of bed for over two weeks but got up for our PJ party…and how it was the first time she was excited by anything since receiving treatment

  • Collaboration with the Sharing Network and Novartis to help promote organ and tissue donation, with multiple people becoming organ donors after hearing of Christopher’s story
  • Novartis sponsoring a team in Christopher’s name for the Sharing Network 5K to promote organ and tissue donation as well as being an ambassador for the Transplant Games in Ohio 2016 as well as sharing Christopher’s message of kindness to all in attendance.
  • The American Red Cross Asked Kindness for Christopher to join with them in several blood drives which were overwhelming successes in which we doubled and tripled their normal blood collections
  • The Girl Scouts of Mount Arlington erecting a Buddy Bench at a local park to promote inclusion and kindness
  • Donations to Animal Shelters saving hundreds of animals lives through donation or adoption in Christopher’s name
  • The Woof Gang selling Kindness bones and all proceeds donated to a local animal shelter in Christopher's name.
  • Kindness for Christopher donating toys and essentials to Cara’s Backpacks for Kids fighting and living with Cancer
  • Donating to multiple families in need be it clothes, money or time

Visiting over two dozen schools delivering our message of kindness and helping schools we have yet to visit to promote their kindness initiatives. As well as handing out 1000’s of blank cards and envelopes to the students to make “Kind Cards” to bring a smile to someone’s face …we have since found out that a lot have been sent to random children in cancer facilities, random people in nursing homes and our men and women in our armed forces fighting for our freedom.

  • Sending a school to the movies to see “Wonder”
  • A Kindness for Christopher essay writing contest to two graduating 8th graders of Christopher’s school about what kindness means to them and how they have been kind… the awards are handed out at their graduation

One of the notable standouts was receiving a letter from a counselor stating that after one of our assemblies our message was so impactful that it prevented a potential suicide with one of the students

All our assemblies are free of charge and full of kindness

Kindness Rocks spreading Christopher’s message of kindness all around the world from NJ all through Europe and to the Great Wall of China including rocks spread about the newly developed Lake Hopatcong Trail

We have been involved in multiple food drives where 100s of pounds of food have been donated to Roxbury Social Services and Mount Arlington Food Pantry feeding a multitude of people

A Kindness for Christopher Award being created for Chuck Mounds “Big Time Sports Awards” ceremony held every year in NYC and awarded to someone who is active and influential in their community

Senator and Assemblyman Bucco for helping up pass Christopher’s Law in record time and helping people from experiencing the same tragedy we have. As well promoting proper training.

All of this and we NEVER solicited for a dime, HOWEVER… the kindness of strangers never ceases to amaze us …several people who’ve since passed listed in their obituaries in lieu of flowers to donate to the Kindness movement to our complete shock…The owners of Calabria Restaurant in Livingston and the Purcell Family had a wine and cheese tasting and donated all proceeds as well…lastly, the Roxbury Interact and Rotary Club decided to donate to Kindness for Christopher for their annual color run… thank you, Steve Alford et al

We have accepted their donations humbly and in turn, have and are in the process of taking the money and donating it right back to the community and people in need.

We have two notable standouts

Jimmy Buffs and the Racioppi family.

When Kindness for Christopher was created, I was contacted by James Racioppi and his son Tommy owners of Jimmy Buffs Hot Dogs in West Orange. They wanted to be a part of this movement. They simply asked for people to donate their spare change towards our movement... in turn, over the last 2 1/2 years, the following has been done.

Money has been donated directly to Mt Pleasant Animal Shelter, West Orange Food Pantry, The Walk to Cure Arthritis Pain, No Shave November which supports St. Judes and the Fight Colorectal Cancer and Prevent Cancer Associations

Bought Supplies for “Blessing Bags” for the homeless. Packages included socks, hats, gloves, snacks and Dunkin Donuts gift cards

Care packages for victims of Hurricane Harvey

Bought Supplies for children sick in hospitals, providing hours of fun and entertainment during their procedures

Care packages were made to our first responders/ police force and fire dept. in Mount Arlington and lastly. funds raised were donated to help build a special needs park in Toms River.

And they continue to push and support our campaign. the best part of it all is we now also have lifelong friends because of it.


Over the last two and half years either through our page or through the grapevine all of the countless stories of random acts of kindness being done in Christopher’s name being done all around the world by people like you. from Hawaii to Italy to The Great Wall of China

We are humbled by the 1000’s of amazing stories. 1000’s of private messages telling us how we’ve impacted and changed people’s lives

In the schools we teach of the ripple effect…the ripple effect is "the continuing and spreading results of an event or action.”

YOU are more powerful than you can ever imagine. and you can never know the power of the “Ripple Effect” that you may have started by your one random acts of kindness. we've seen it in action for over 2 1/2 years now

Everything I’ve listed above is all that Laura and I know about…

I know that there are humble people in the silent majority that have done things we’ll never know about…and we want to let you know that were grateful for it all and all you do

We’ve changed the world… and are continuing to change the world… all in the name of a little boy who was kind and taken way too soon. Happy Kindness for Christopher Day!! Share the page… and Change the world…be One of a Kind .with one random act of kindness at a time…

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