Roxbury Choir Uses Virtual Media for First Place in National Competition

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All of the neighboring schools have mentioned how difficult it is to conduct Choir or Band practice over virtual media, due to timing differences.

While through a lot of hardwork Roxbury Schools have overcome the limitation to take Best Overall Choir Award in a National Competition.

Press Release:

ROXBURY, NJ (March 10, 2021) –.

Virtual Choir Performance of Jacob Narveruds arrangement of "I Lived" by OneRepublic. Performed by the 2021 Roxbury Freshmen Treble Choir.

There were choirs competing from all across the United States. The choir received a Gold Rating, an Elite Festival invitation, and the Best Overall Choir Award.

The submitted pieces were from the winter concert which was recorded at students’ homes and edited together to create virtual choir performances. You can click here to listen to the award-winning pieces.

Congratulations to the choral staff and all of the students on these fantastic achievements.


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