Roxbury Kennedy School Celebrates National Pizza Day with Math, Writing, Reading and Science

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ROXBURY, NJ (February 19, 2021) – Teachers Amber Davis and Lorey Deeb at Kennedy Elementary School had some fun last week with their students on National Pizza Day with cross-curricular activities.

The students at Kennedy School had some educational fun on Wednesday, February 10th, National Pizza Day, thanks to Anthony Francos Pizza located at 274 Rt 10 West in Succasunna. The students participated in cross-curricular activities that all related to pizza for the day. Activities included math, writing, reading, science, and their specials to make the day a unique and memorable experience.

Kennedy Thank You Picture
Tom Ptasznik of Anthony Francos dropping off pizza and kits2
Tom Ptasznik of Anthony Francos dropping off pizza and kits1
Amber Davis Class
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Davis and Deeb are teaching their classes considering the whole child. With great excitement, students created step-by-step descriptive essays while teaming up with Tom Ptasznik of Anthony Franco’s. He provided a video of him making pizza at the restaurant and live steamed with the students to participate in a Q & A session on “How to Make a Pizza”.

Students and staff at the school were also treated to pizza by Anthony Franco’s of Roxbury to make the day just a little more memorable as the students smelled the basil and tomato aroma.

Kennedy Elementary School is thankful for this partnership and for making National Pizza Day memorable and exciting for everyone at Kennedy School.

PHOTO ATTACHED (courtesy of Kennedy School)

  • Tom Ptasznik of Anthony Franco’s dropping off pizza and kits
  • Tom Ptasznik of Anthony Franco’s dropping off pizza and kits
  • Amber Davis’ Class (L to R): Front Row – Jim Murdoch (Paraprofessional), Ryan Kelly (Paraprofessional), Liam Hackett (Gr 3), Tristian Brown (Gr 4), Brian Vivian (Gr 2), Blake Balcom (Gr 2), Chrissy Gonzalez (Paraprofessional); Back Row – Nicole Acevedo (Principal), Amber Davis (Teacher), Rylan Scherer (Gr 4), Tracy Friedella (Paraprofessional), and Jackson “JJ” Bautista (Gr 4)
  • Kennedy Thank You Picture (L to R): Row 1 – Demi Poquette (Gr 1), Luca Matullo (Gr 2), Kennedy Crist (Gr 1), Isabella Hakkenberg (Gr 3); Row – Jack Bauer (Gr 2), Alexis Pfefferkorn (Gr 2), Owen Johannesen (Gr 1), Tommy Rodriguez (Gr K); Row 3 – Nancy Bottona (Paraprofessional), Lorey Deeb (Teacher), Nicole Acevedo (Principal), and Teri Haucke (Paraprofessional)


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