Roxbury Launches Holiday Decorating Contest for 2020

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A few questions for the holiday decoration fanatics of Roxbury: Do you have what it takes to be a master of the festive front yard? Will you risk the frustration of one bad bulb killing a string of 100 tiny lights?
Can you rationalize the jaw-dropping, post holidays JCP&L bill? If so, you have about a month to do what it takes to become a winner in the 2020 Roxbury Recreation Holiday Home Decorating Contest.
The contest is the township’s effort to help Roxbury residents end a depressing, COVID-tinged year with a little cheer and good-natured competition, said Recreation Department Program Director Ryan Williams. “This contest is a salute to those who brave the elements, meticulously stringing up lights for everyone to enjoy,” Williams wrote on the department’s Facebook page. It’s on that page that all submitted entries will be displayed. Winners, to be announced Dec. 22, will be based on the number of “likes” they receive.

Every holiday season we are all fortunate enough to see the hard work of those who are aspiring exterior holiday illumination experts. For some of us, its a parent. For others, its another family member, neighbor, or friend. No matter your relationship to them, all of us know someone who attempts to put Clark Griswold and their neighbors to shame.

We all know one of those dedicated individuals. This contest is a salute to those who brave the elements, meticulously stringing up lights for everyone to enjoy. Why are we posting this so early you may ask? Because for the true die-hards, they started writing the 2020 chapter of their yearly holiday tradition 2 days ago.

We see you, we appreciate you, and we look forward to seeing your submissions. The contest is simple. We will be posting each entry here on our facebook page as we receive it. The entry with the most likes by December 22nd will be our winner. Aside from township-wide bragging rights, there will be an award for the winner. Good luck, and happy decorating!


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