RHS Receives Community Grant from Local Walmart

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ROXBURY, NJ (October 8, 2020) – Roxbury High School is the proud recipient of a Walmart Community Grant to help promote student achievement and recognition within the walls of Roxbury High School. Grant monies will be used to purchase more equipment and materials that would publicize and celebrate our students’ achievements in academics, athletics, community, music, and more.

Anthony Moreno, the store manager at the new Super Walmart in Ledgewood stopped by the high school to introduce himself over the summer and suggested to Assistant Principal Jon Deeb that the high school apply for one of their community grants.

thumbnail Chloe Hernandez and Justin Berge“We submitted for the maximum amount of $5,000 and we generously received $2,000,” shared Deeb.

“The RHS administration has been discussing with teachers, advisors, and student leaders, different ways to provide opportunities for events that will promote school spirit and a strong school community. This is particularly challenging during these times where the pandemic has restricted the overall school experience. It will be great to have these funds to, directly and indirectly, benefit our students and the Roxbury community.”

Roxbury High School was notified on October 5th via email that they were grant recipients from Kabir Kumar, the Sr. Director of Community Giving with Walmart Giving.

“We are thrilled to support your work in our communities and share your desire to provide local impact. By receiving this grant, you are part of a long history of Walmart’s commitment to giving back to the communities where we operate. In fact, Mrs. Helen Walton used to say, it’s not what you gather, but what you scatter that tells what kind of life you have lived,” said Kumar.

RHS student leaders, senior Justin Berge (Student Council President) and junior Chloe Hernandez (Junior Class Officer) along with Assistant Principal Mr. Deeb helped us say thanks!


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