Roxbury’s SDF Reveals New Project with Habit for Humanity

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ROXBURY, NJ (October 8, 2020) – Roxbury High School’s Structural Design and Fabrication (SDF) class is pleased to partner with Morris Habitat for Humanity to build a home for a family in our community.

The project officially kicked off on October 5, 2020 as part of the celebration of World Habitat Day. Morris Habitat for Humanity’s Chief Executive Officer, Blair Schleicher Wilson joined the SDF students for a Monday virtual class meeting to share some information about Morris Habitat for Humanity, it’s recent project at 119 and 121 Main Street in Succasunna, and unveiled for the first time to students the project Roxbury High School is undertaking.

SDF Teacher Frank Caccavale shared, “Our students are excited to begin working and for the year ahead.”

Roxbury SD 2020 in1Students in the SDF course will learn a variety of technical and construction skills as they follow the process of building a modular home through each step of the way from planning to final completion. The home will be built in two modules that will be transported to the site where they will be secured to the foundation and to each other. The future site of this home is on the corner of Mansel Drive and Edith Road in Landing, NJ.

“During SDF class, students will be exposed to many different skills sets from reading architectural drawings, to framing, to electrical and plumbing systems, and more. This project and the lessons will be taught by a multitude of content matter experts including myself, Habitat for Humanity staff and volunteers, and Masters in Residence,” said Caccavale.

Roxbury High School is no stranger to Morris Habitat for Humanity. Last year the SDF classes and the RHS Football team volunteered at the 121 Main Street home being built. Students also designed and built a photo booth and other decoration pieces for Morris Habitat’s annual fundraising gala in February 2020.

Roxbury High School thanks Blair Wilson (CEO, Morris Habitat for Humanity), Doug Wright (Director of Construction, Morris Habitat for Humanity), the Construction Department and Governing Body of Roxbury Township, and Jon Babula (Babula Architecture) for their support and guidance throughout the planning and implementation of this project.

thumbnail World Habitat Day 2020 In2Roxbury’s SDF program is now in its second year. It officially began in September 2019 as part of Roxbury Reimagine, where the district took 2,500 square feet of space and rededicated it back as a learning environment at Roxbury High School. This area once housed the school’s auto shop and later was used for district storage.

Roxbury High School’s Structural Design and Fabrication course lays a strong foundation for college and career success by teaching students fundamentals in the field. Students learn how to work safely in the shop and construction environments and develop skills that will give them a true competitive advantage in their careers. Students will have the opportunity to work both individually and in teams to design and build projects. Upon completion of the pathway, students can enter the Carpenters Apprenticeship Training program through the United Brotherhood of Carpenters. Through coursework and career guidance, students earn a competitive advantage in the job market. Whether students choose to go into a career related to the skilled trades, engineering, construction, or architecture, or just use these skills when they become home owners, the experiences and lessons learned in SDF will stick with students for life.


· RHS Structural Design and Fabrication at Habitat for Humanity Gala 2020 (courtesy of Roxbury High School)

· World Habitat Day 2020 (Habitat for Humanity)

· HFH Floor Plan - The floor plan for the modular home being built by Roxbury High School's Structural Design and Fabrication class for Morris Habitat for Humanity.


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