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Hopatcong Lake Regional News working is with local businesses to give you a better flavor of what is available locally and deserves our attention. Each of these businesses have entered into the Shop Local 2020 Movement.

Sal's Pizza & Restaurant located at 175 Lakeside Blvd #7, Landing, NJ, in the old Pathmark Mall is a hidden GEM that many people may miss unless they have spoken to the locals that just love this place and their quality products at lower prices.

Sal's Pizza & Restaurant has a very extensive menu, that covers, Regular and Specialty pizzas, Appetizers, Italian Dinners, Cold & Hot Subs, and Calzones to name just a few items off the menu. The utilize Take-Out, Delivery, Take-Out, and utilize Doordash.

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Sal’s Owner Recommendation the Meat Lovers Pie this is filled with every meat you can imagine.

Our Shop Local Team's Review:

In this case, the team agreed on ordering the Meat Lovers Stuffed Pizza. Our order in take-out ahead of schedule, the team feasted on a pizza that was deep in favor as the sauce and the cheese perfectly married to the all-meat ingredients. We were surprised that all of the meat didn’t make the pizza greasy or make it difficult to manage, but rather was what you could call a perfect pizza.

Location Information:

Address: 175 Lakeside Blvd #7, Landing, NJ 07850

Phone: (973) 770-1183


What readers had to say about Sal's Pizza & Restaurant in the Recent Pizza 2019 Wars Reviews:

  • Sales Pizza Map                        Enlarge if NeededI have been going here for about 25 years. The best pizza around. The owners are great and so friendly. Will continue to go every Friday night.
  • Never a problem with them whether pick up or delivery food is delicious, and service is great
  • Family-owned business who makes the best-tasting pizza around
  • Tastes like REAL NY City Pizza! Best Food and Service in the area!!!!!!!
  • Best pizza in town. Friendly staff. Fair pricing.
  • Quality food that's never changed, friendly owners!
  • Great sauce and just the right amount of cheese
  • Everything we've ever ordered from Sal's has been very good
  • Food is flavorful and customer service is on point
  • The food is delicious, and Kandi and Buddy are amazing!
  • Family-friendly. Been getting our pizza at Sal’s for over 25 years
  • The food is great, and the service is amazing!


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