Roxbury School Elementary Kids hold Bountiful Food Drive

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ROXBURY, NJ (May 7, 2020) – Nixon Elementary School’s Early Act Club held its rescheduled Food Drive this past Tuesday to help Roxbury Social Services during this health-related emergency COVID-19.

Nixon Early Act has been busy both in the regular school year and during these Flexible Instruction Days as they are coming off the heels of the Merry Heart drawings and card drive that they held a few weeks ago.

This time they held a food drive. Nixon families and community members stopped by Nixon School to donate non-perishable food and other items to support Roxbury Social Services who are helping individuals and families in our community during these tough times.

Early Act member Kaylee Salamanca explained the drive. “We tried to get as many people as we could to go one at a time to donate foods, basically anything that other people needed, and they didn’t have money to buy. So other people just donated.”

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Principal Lynch acknowledged what Kaylee had said adding, “I like that you mentioned that they came one at a time knowing that we’re all trying to make some really healthy choices and keeping our personal space and personal distance and I really appreciate the fact that you also include that because I know from Tuesday that people did a fantastic job respecting every bodies space.”

Early Act members, Annaleigh Massey and Sam Martin attended the food drive. Annaleigh mentioned in the morning announcements on Thursday that she saw pasta sauce, cereal, cake mix, soup, syrup, wipes, and mac and cheese being donated while Sam saw peanut butter, tuna, cookie mix, and canned goods. All with the common theme of being non-perishable.

Annaleigh explained that non-perishable means “things that you don’t have to put in the fridge.”

In the morning message, Emily Brown, another Early Act member thanked all the families and community members for donating.

Lynch shared, “When Annaleigh and Sam just mentioned all the different foods they had seen there Tuesday and when you put all of that together, that shout out of appreciation that Emily just gave is so well deserved in our community.”

Early Act Club advisor Kerry Hamberger who was present at the collection shared that there was just so much donated that she filled the back and front seats of her car. “Bags and boxes were packed. We had so much I had to call a friend with their vehicle so we could fill theirs as well. We had two carloads full of food!”

Boxes were set up along the sidewalk where people could just drive up, drop off, and talk from a distance. “Everyone was really good with their masks on and gloves. It was perfect. I was overwhelmed with the response we got for it,” said Hamberger.

All of the collected non-perishable items were delivered to Roxbury Social Services on Wednesday. “They were overwhelmed with all of the donations we received,” shared Hamberger.

At Nixon School, Early Act is comprised of third and fourth graders who help volunteer to reach out to the community and to the world. “As far as collection donations, we’ve done so many different types of collections, from food drives to making cards for the nursing homes. We did a collection for Veteran’s this year, so it’s just reaching out to the community in any way that we can,” shared Hamberger.

Principal Lynch teased that Nixon Early Act has one more effort on the horizon. “We’ll come back soon and release that and share with everyone what that last effort is before we put closure on this school year, you talk about Roxbury strong, Nixon strong in my opinion! Thank you for your leadership.”

PHOTO ATTACHED (courtesy of Nixon School)

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  • Principal Lynch and Kerry Hamberger at Food Drive Collection
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