Roxbury: Jefferson School Holds Teddy Bear Clinic

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ROXBURY, NJ (October 25, 2019) – Jefferson Elementary School Kindergarteners in Roxbury Township enjoyed hosting a Teddy Bear Clinic on Thursday, October 17th with the help of Saint Clare’s Emergency Ambulance Team.

The Saint Clare’s EMS team familiarized children with the sights, sounds and “helpers” they may encounter in an emergency.

Teddy Bear Clinic 2
Ambulance Crew
Teddy Bear Clinic 3
Teddy Bear Clinic 1
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School Nurse Kate Zenna shared, “The students were able to tour an ambulance and learn about the role of these First Responders. Inside the ambulance, students found a giant teddy bear strapped to a gurney and were later able to treat their own stuffed animals “boo boos” as they donned masks and gloves like their friendly community helpers.”

The EMS crew provided each student with a baggie containing gauze, band-aids, gloves, and a mask. They were also lent plastic stethoscopes, syringes, and thermometers to tend to their stuffed animal “patients”. Students put on band-aids, wrapped “injuries” with gauze, took their animals’ temperature and more!

In the end, each student was given a tote that contained information about Saint Clare’s emergency response system as well as a coloring book and a squishy toy ambulance.

Zenna added, “It was a great way to alleviate any fears they had about ambulances and first responders. It was a fun time for them and we are looking forward to hosting the clinic again in the future.”

PHOTO ATTACHED (courtesy of Jefferson School)

  • Teddy Bear Clinic 1 - Dylan Salwierz, Annarose McAuliffe, Adrianna Morse, and Talon Fehn
  • Teddy Bear Clinic 2 - Adam Said and Amelia Velez in Mrs. Storm's Kindergarten
  • Ambulance Crew
  • Teddy Bear Clinic 3 - Eliana Sisto, Alaina Capko, Pierce Talmadge, Aria Sabella, and Alexander Pichardo

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