Roxbury High School Looks to #ditchjuul on October 8th

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ROXBURY, NJ (September 27, 2019) – With the increase of young people vaping, Roxbury High School is taking an active approach to getting its students to stop.

Last spring, Assistant Principal Jon Deeb organized a committee of teachers at the school for the purpose of addressing vaping of its students. The committee calls themselves the “anti-vape committee”. Although not an original name to be sure, they’re more focused on helping students stop vaping than worrying about what they are called.

Deeb shared, “We are organizing a day of education and awareness for this program that too many of our students are involved in.”

“Art teacher and Fine Arts Lead Teacher Renee Zengel is a catalyst for the committee. She noticed that a website,, was making October 9th a day to ditch vaping. They are calling it #ditchjuul since they are more specifically targeting that company. We are going to springboard off of their day and make October 8th our day to help our kids since we’re closed on the 9th.”

The high school has already planned a few events including:

  • An announcement next Wednesday to the students that will explain the purpose of the day and the importance of making healthy choices. They will encourage everyone to wear orange on October 8th. Orange is the color that the #ditchjuul effort is using.

  • Facts of the day will be shared with students on each day leading up to the 8th.

  • On the afternoon of October 7th, the committee and some of the high school students will hang up colorful and informative posters about vaping that are being designed by the teachers and students. The posters will be in the restrooms and on bulletin boards in the hallways for the student body to look at when they arrive at school on the 8th.

  • On October 8th, there will be Chromebooks in the cafeteria manned by some of the student volunteers. Students will be able to sign in to and take the pledge to not vape. Every student that takes the pledge will receive an orange silicone bracelet with #knowthetruth on it.

“We have some other ideas that we hope to organize and execute by October 8th. We are hoping the timing is right with all of the negative publicity about vaping that we impact some of our students to make healthy choices,” said Deeb.

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