Lake Hopatcong - Upcoming annual drawdown - Starts November 1st

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The Lake Hopatcong Commission provided an update regarding the annual drawdown on Lake Hopatcong for this year, the Drawdown is expected to start on or about November 1st, 2020 depending on the lake level the water will be brought down 22" from its normal 9-foot ideal level.

More Information on the Lake Hopatcong Draw Down:

With fall underway you may be wondering when the annual Lake Hopatcong drawdown will occur, or maybe this is the first time you are hearing about it.  Either way, here is your refresher.

Each year the water level on the lake is lowered to allow for waterfront maintenance and to protect private property from ice damage.  The lake level is managed by Hopatcong State Park staff through adjustments in the four sluice gates at the dam within the park.  This year, as per the water level management program introduced in 2016 that now has become the de-facto standard, the lake will be lowered by 22 inches.

The date of the drawdown can vary by a few days depending on variations in water level from year to year, but generally, it begins in mid-November with the goal of completing the drawdown by December 15th.  During the 22-inch drawdown, the water level is maintained until such a time when spring thaw has softened the ice on the lake sufficient to avoid ice damage to private property. Once the spring thaw is underway, the sluice gates on the Lake Hopatcong Dam will be closed enough to maintain sufficient flow to the Musconetcong River and allow the refill of Lake Hopatcong to the spillway crest elevation of 9 feet.

Editor’s Note: For those summer Lakefront homeowners that are just getting ready to leave us for the season. PLEASE: Set your Bubblers and Ice Eaters timers and Temperature gages to protect your property only! Leaving them on full throughout the winter is causing Ice Hazards for the entire lake as it was discussed by the Lake Commission during their last meeting of October 13, 2020.

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