Lake Hopatcong Commission - Ice Retardants – Pose Dangers to Winter Activities:

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The Lake Hopatcong Commission held its standard monthly meeting on 10-13-2020 and included an update on the ongoing Ice retardant project for methods and technologies used. They are still working on modifying Hopatcong’s Ordinance as guidance for the other towns.

During this section of the meeting, Lake Hopatcong Commissioner Bradley Hoferkamp brought up several key points, which include Hopatcong Zoning officials are not allowed on-premise to go out onto the ice, investigate under docks/boat-houses and other abnormal areas to investigate proposed misusage.

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In the entire history of the Borough of Hopatcong, only one citation has ever been given for a violation in this area. Additionally, Commissioner Hoferkamp pointed out that since the lake is State Property, he is not clear how enforceable the citation would be if challenged.

Long-standing commissioner Fred Steinbaum, D.O., who has been working on the project since the start helped with the communications using the following PowerPoint, and stating that Lake Hopatcong is also popular for wintertime activities (iceboat racer), and residents really need to register their devices and be contacted when they have just been left on full and is overdoing the intended good.

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Watch for this matter to continued to be discussed by the Commission as they seek the right solution.


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