Lake Commission Meeting – Mayor Francis “We can’t just Keep Doing the Same Thing”

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During the public session of the Lake Commission Meeting on October 13, 2020, the Mayor of the Borough of Hopatcong Michael Francis addressed the commission primarily as an update on the Status of Crescent Cove and several other subjects.

During his update, the Mayor covered four areas:

  • New Homes in a lakefront area on Lake Hopatcong that are going on Sewer
  • Upcoming Stormwater Management Work
  • Status of Crescent Cove and moving to Phase II
  • Observations on Entire Lake

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98333The Mayor announced that the 40+ homes on Hudson Ave. are underway with the final bid being awarded. They hope to break ground before the winter to start the sewer project.

The Mayor also indicated that the Borough of Hopatcong is working on the storm drain management recommendations. The Hopatcong DPW has been trained on the Phoslock and helped in its implementation. They will also watch over the areas for the period of time that it is installed or needs to be replaced.

Crescent Cove:

The installed aeration system has been working better than expected since aeration is a long 2 – 3 year solution. The Mayor has been meeting with the DEP on doing the proposed second phase, which uses the product named BioBlast to add good bacteria to the lake in this area to help mix with the aeration system and start effecting Harmful Algae where it lives.

BioBlastGoodStuffWhile this product is widely available internationally and is legal for use in New Jersey lakes. Primary the DEP Management has been hesitant on approving this second phase of the grant as they request more peer review on the product, so they can review it closer.

In answer to the DEP peer review requests, the Mayor has sent multiple cases where the application has been used to protect drinking water from Lake Erie algal toxins that flow into the water processing areas (saved the towns from complete water shut down), and further cases from New Jersey, National and International cases where this good bacteria help clear and clean the bad.

biotreatment 1

The BioBlast is mixed with Lake Water to ensure it's adoptation into the lake.

Scientists advance new technology to protect drinking water from Lake Erie algal toxins 

The Mayor expressed his puzzlement on why a worldwide product, legal for use in New Jersey is holding up the recommended second phase of the project.

Observations on the Entire Lake:

The Mayor also expressed the same theme as he stated,

“You can’t just keep doing what you’re doing and expect different results.”

During this point he was speaking about short term solutions that have clubs, coves, and residents dumping harmful chemicals into the lake, just as a minor fix. “These are just quick fixes”, Stated the Mayor, “If we’ve known for years that thier is no oxygen below 20 feet, Phosphorus is building in Lake Hopatcong, we need to start making some bold changes.

The Mayor also expressed that the DEP has some of the most talented people, but he just doesn’t see the effort in their talents and leadership to bring forward new ideas and solutions quickly enough.


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