Local Boat Shrink-Wrap Collection Program Discontinued – Now What?

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The Lake Hopatcong Foundation recently communicated that the Morris County MUA can no longer afford to fund the recycling of Boating Shrink Wrap that was collected at Lee’s Park in Mount Arlington.

With hundreds of boats around Lake Hopatcong, owners are now puzzled about what to do with all of that shrink-wrap.  According to the letter from the Morris County MUA (see below), “Boat Shrink Wrap is not a mandated recyclable; therefore, it does not have to be recycled.” Which means that the Shrink Wrap is now headed back to the landfill, as your cautioned not to put it out with your household recycling either.

Reuse or Repurpose

According to Boat Trader. another solution to the problem is attempting to stretch a couple of seasons out of your shrink wrap cover by reusing it. Sure, it’s not going to be as good a cover solution for that second season (and especially the third), but if you remove your shrink wrap very carefully, you can generally reuse it with some level of success for at least one season.

If you’re creative, you can repurpose that plastic for all sorts of projects around your home. If you’ve ever purchased landscape fabric from a home store (the stuff you lay down before mulch to keep the weeds from popping up), you know it’s generally weak and easy to tear. Shrink wrap can be repurposed for your landscaping jobs by simply punching a bunch of holes in the plastic to allow water to seep through before laying mulch on top. I’ve even used it to line my raised garden beds to isolate the planting soil from the pressure-treated lumber the beds are made of and cut it into shape to wrap up my patio furniture for the winter.

Statement from Morris County MUA on February 6, 2020:

The Morris County MUA will no longer offer the Boat Shrink Wrap collection program that was graciously hosted by the Morris County Park Commission at Lee’s County Park Marina since 2008.  

The BSW collection program was originally funded through a grant from the State of NJ.  The grant money was utilized by 2010.  The MCMUA has sustained the cost of the program since that time.

Boat Shrink Wrap is not a mandated recyclable, therefore it does not have to be recycled.  The program was initially implemented in order to divert the plastic wrap material from the landfill.  Due to challenging recycling markets and other factors, we can no longer offer this program to boat owners and marinas. 

Unfortunately, there are no local markets for this material.    Please do not bring or leave, boat shrink-wrap or any other waste materials at Lee’s County Park Marina; as this would be considered illegal dumping.


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