Three Jefferson Council Candidates Thank Mayor for Wilsusen for Repeal of Rolling Tax Assessment

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Jefferson Twp., NJ:  Town council candidates Pamela Fadden, Keith Peters and Maria Short are appreciative today that their campaign could raise the issue of the rolling tax assessment and its damaging financial implications to the township school budget to fellow residents in their recently-released campaign video.  In Mayor Eric Wilsusen’s Fall 2020 update message, he announced the repeal of the rolling tax assessment policy.

“We are grateful to Mayor Wilsusen for hearing town council candidate Pamela Fadden explain the damages the rolling tax assessment did to property values and school funding,” said Janice Bakera, campaign manager.

    “Those higher property values on paper resulted in less state funding for our schools after the reconfiguration of the school funding formula,” said Fadden, high school mathematics teacher, community volunteer and candidate on the Fadden, Peters and Short ticket. “The assessments have not been done in person in years. This is an example of short-term gain and long-term loss. Avoiding the costs of periodic in-person assessments by adopting a rolling tax assessment to increase our property values on paper put our Board of Education and our students in the position of facing budget and program cuts because we were flagged as an overfunded district after the funding formula reconfiguration.”

    “It’s not acceptable to raise property taxes to account for the budget shortfalls, either,” added Maria Short, public service attorney and fellow candidate on the Fadden, Peters and Short for Council ticket. “Especially with the covid-19 pandemic upon us, job losses and people in greater need of the help of our food pantries in town, residents can’t afford to absorb the costs of decisions that lead to lost funding.”

See Mayors Comments to article:

Endorsed by Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill and by NJ 11th For Change, the Fadden, Peters and Short campaign has already been hard at work trying to do great good in the community. They look forward to being a set of transparent, accessible representatives for the town, and are already having a positive impact as evidenced by this policy change.

    “We are grateful to the Mayor for announcing the change to the rolling tax assessment policy, and glad our campaign could shine sunlight on the need for this change,” said Keith Peters, environmental waste management expert and fellow candidate. “This demonstrates the need for more representation of Jefferson’s diverse views on the council and in the town budgeting process, as well as the good change we can bring about when we work together in the town’s best interests.”

“If the candidates could fix this before they are even elected, imagine what they can fix when you vote them into office,” added Bakera. “Vote for Pamela Fadden, Keith Peters, and Maria Short when you complete your general election ballot.”

For more information about the Fadden, Peters and Short for Council campaign, visit For more on voting in the 2020 general election, visit

Supplied Candidate BIO's:

Meet Pamela Fadden!

Pamela FaddenPamela Fadden is a high school mathematics teacher, a mother of two and a 17 year Jefferson resident running for town council because she believes it's time to put more value in fiscal and environmental responsibility with an eye toward our children, our businesses and our town's recreational appeal. 

Pamela is the President of the Hawthorne Teachers’ Association and a consultant to the NJEA, and has been teaching high school mathematics for 20 years.  She’s a volunteer for both of her daughters’ Girl Scouts Troops and was a Jefferson Recreation coach for her younger daughter’s softball team.  Her family is active with Milton United Methodist Church and she has volunteered to teach in Sunday School and help run the food pantry and holiday basket drives.  Pam has prioritized public service in her leadership roles and would bring the same service-minded leadership to Jefferson’s town council.  Pam lives in Oak Ridge with her husband Thomas and their two daughters.

Meet Keith Peters!

Keith PetersKeith Peters is a waste management consultant and a married father of two running to create more recreational opportunities for our kids, protect our valuable natural resources, budget wisely and make sure the council is reflective of the views of more of Jefferson’s families.   

Keith works as a commercial sales representative keeping clients in compliance with environmental regulations and safety standards in managing and disposing of liquid waste and contaminants, thereby protecting nearby communities, water and public lands. He wants to protect Mahlon Dickerson reservation from exploitation and logging, make sure Jefferson Township is a wonderful space for families to live, work and play, and make sure our town budget is wisely and conservatively used.  He is also concerned to make sure we all have a voice at the table given Jefferson has endured single-party governance for decades, despite Jefferson having so many worldviews, families and ideas to represent.  Keith has lived in Jefferson Township for 18 years with his wife Melissa and their two children. 

Meet Maria Short!

Maria ShortMaria Short is a journalist, a public service lawyer and a mother of four running to improve quality of life in Jefferson by developing a thriving town center, ideally close to Lake Hopatcong businesses, and protecting our lake and our forests from pollution and clear cutting.

Maria was an award-winning journalist for 20 years who worked for the New Jersey Law Journal, New Jersey Lawyer, the New Jersey Herald, the Daily Record and the Pocono Record.  She was recognized by the Society for Professional Journalists and New Jersey Press Association. She graduated with her Juris Doctor from Quinnipiac University School of Law in 2017, and got her Masters in Environmental Law and Policy from Vermont Law in 2018.  She is a Fellow at Rutgers Law Associates, working on behalf of victims of crimes and injuries like domestic battery.  She also represents and helps people struggling with opioid addictions. Maria works in public service because she cares about putting her energy toward causes she believes in. She has lived in Lake Hopatcong for 23 years with her husband Frank, a lifelong Jefferson resident who was a teacher for 34 years, including in Jefferson schools. 


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