Hopatcong facing Real Estate Tax Reassessment in 2022

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During the Borough of Hopatcong Council meeting on January 19, 2022, the residents of the borough first learned that a real estate tax reassessment will be taking place in 2022.

The first heads up came from Councilman Richard Schindelar who made the announcement during the council member’s report section. Later in the meeting Borough Administrator Ron Tappan provided more logistic details about the reassessment, with the following tentative timeframe.

  • Spring 2022: Letters to the Residents of Hopatcong
  • Early Summer 2022: Real Estate reassessment starts
  • Fall 2022: Information is evaluated for any changes

During the Mayor’s comment section of the meeting Mayor Michael Francis made it clear that this is a State requirement and not the Borough, he went on the clarify that he perfectly happy with the current assessment and the performance of the tax collector in the borough.

“This is not our idea, but we will comply, and do it professionally, our tax assessor does a fine job, and she will be in charge.” Stated the Mayor.

The following video contains the sections of the January 19, 2022, Council Meeting that dealt with the upcoming 2022 Real Estate Tax Reassessment.

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