Winners of 2021 Hopatcong Home Christmas Decorating Contest

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Just in time for Christmas, the winners of the 3rd annual Hopatcong Home Christmas Decorating Contest have just been selected and will be receiving their cash prizes thanks to the local business sponsors.

According to the selected judges for this year, who toured the homes over the last several days,

“This was an exceptional year for the quality of the decorations”, which made our overall final decision very difficult.”

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2021 Winners

HCL2021 In1Of particular interest, once again were the participants from 6 Huron Ave., which went all out with 100’s of hours spent in the planned and labor of love in the execution of the decorations to gain that…

just right” effect to stop people in their tracks to say, “WOW.”

HCL2021 In2NASA briefly interrupted the contest on December 18, with an inquiry about entry “1a Papoose Trail” that when seen from space was affecting the earth’s Cosmo-Knipple bend, causing a deep space fluctuation due to the significant light display. In the official notification, NASA indicated the disturbance is similar to the one during the filming of the movie Christmas Vacation.

As the judges and sponsors gathered on December 20, 2021, to review the winners. Rich Chiarella from sponsor Accurate Pest (creator of the annual contest) commented…

“I feel the real winners once again this year, are the residents of Hopatcong who gained pleasure from driving by the homes that entered the contest not to win, but to really put forward a major effort to brighten everyone’s life, within our community.”

Winners of 2021:

The winners of the Hopatcong Home Christmas Decorating Contest are as follows:

Award Category


1st Place

  • 6 Huron Ave

2nd Place

  • 316 Brooklyn Mt Road

3rd Place

  • 2 Frances Ave

Best in Kids Category

  • 11 Columbia Trail

Most Original

  • 7 Divito Trail

Best Yard Display

  • 4 Heiman Drive

Clark Griswold

  • 1a Papoose Trail

Sponsors for 2021:

Here are the local sponsors for the contest that have contributed the of the significant cash prizes for each category.

  • DPS Pump Service. 973-398-2359
  • Total Source Power Washing. 973-997-0434
  • Robertson Excavating/Septic. 973-398-8476
  • Rich Air Mechanical Services/Heating-Air Conditioning. 862-354-8892
  • Accurate Pest Control/Wildlife. 973-398-8798
  • Able Security Locksmiths. 973-584-3033

Special thanks: To the Administrative team at Accurate Pest for their countless hours in collecting the submissions, pictures and tabulating the judges’ final counts. Job well done!

Editor’s Note: As a news team we are honored to cover this annual event that highlights why Hopatcong is a great family-friendly community town, where great businesses and residents bond together to brighten everyone’s life.

Thanks to all Participants:

View the homes through the following 2021 map and address listing. Enjoy!

 Map of Homes 2021:Christmas Pictures Hopatcong In1 Map  Pictures from Participants:
316 Brooklyn Mountain Rd.(1)
312 Tulsa Trl. (4)(1)
312 Tulsa Trl. (3)(1)
312 Tulsa Trl. (2)(1)
312 Tulsa Trl. (1)(1)
108 Dupont Ave (2)
108 Dupont Ave (1)
22 Lines Ave (4)(1)
22 Lines Ave (3)(1)
22 Lines Ave (2)(1)
22 Lines Ave (1)(1)
11 Colombia Trail(1)
10 Ford Ave (2)
10 Ford Ave (1)
10 Carteret Rd (3)
10 Carteret Rd (2)
10 Carteret Rd (1)
9 Ford Ave
7 Vale Way (3)
7 Vale Way (2)
7 Vale Way (1)
7 Divito Trl
5 Lookout Trl
4 Heiman Dr(1)
2 Francis Ave
1A Papoose Trl (4)
1A Papoose Trl (3)
1A Papoose Trl (2)
1A Papoose Trl (1)
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