Hopatcong’s 2021 Christmas Decorating Contest – Map of Homes – Winner announced tonight!

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Again, this year spreading holiday cheer is greatly needed with the unique challenges we have all had to face in 2021. We will be sharing photos of the homes online (see below) and maps to make sure everyone can see your presentation of holiday spirit, whether small or large.

Photos from Home Owners:

The following are all of the photos that were submitted by the home owners to the team at Accurate Pest Control.

316 Brooklyn Mountain Rd.(1)
312 Tulsa Trl. (4)(1)
312 Tulsa Trl. (3)(1)
312 Tulsa Trl. (2)(1)
312 Tulsa Trl. (1)(1)
108 Dupont Ave (2)
108 Dupont Ave (1)
22 Lines Ave (4)(1)
22 Lines Ave (3)(1)
22 Lines Ave (2)(1)
22 Lines Ave (1)(1)
11 Colombia Trail(1)
10 Ford Ave (2)
10 Ford Ave (1)
10 Carteret Rd (3)
10 Carteret Rd (2)
10 Carteret Rd (1)
9 Ford Ave
7 Vale Way (3)
7 Vale Way (2)
7 Vale Way (1)
7 Divito Trl
5 Lookout Trl
4 Heiman Dr(1)
2 Francis Ave
1A Papoose Trl (4)
1A Papoose Trl (3)
1A Papoose Trl (2)
1A Papoose Trl (1)
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The Sponsors for 2021, without them this couldn't happen.

  • DPS Pump Service. 973-398-2359
  • Total Source Power Washing. 973-997-0434
  • Robertson Excavating/Septic. 973-398-8476
  • Rich Air Mechanical Services/Heating-Air Conditioning. 862-354-8892
  • Accurate Pest Control/Wildlife. 973-398-8798
  • Able Security Locksmiths. 973-584-3033

Please support our sponsors, without them this couldn't happen on an annual basis.

Driving Directions:

Here are the homeowners that indicated in this years' contest that they would like to have thier information made public, so we can all enjoy the presentation of holiday spirit, whether small or large.

Christmas Pictures Hopatcong In1 Map




10 Carteret Rd Hopatcong NJ
7 Divito Trl Hopatcong NJ
9 Arthur Rd Hopatcong NJ
10 Ford Ave Hopatcong NJ
11 Colombia Trl Hopatcong NJ
67 Stevens Trl Hopatcong NJ
316 Brooklyn Mountain Rd Hopatcong NJ
106 Brendona Ave Hopatcong NJ
7 Vale Way Hopatcong NJ
5 Lookout Trl Hopatcong NJ
111 West End Ave Hopatcong NJ
4 Heiman Dr Hopatcong NJ
118 Bergen Trail Hopatcong NJ
22 Lines Ave Hopatcong NJ
1A Papoose Trl Hopatcong NJ
312 Tulsa Trl Hopatcong NJ
6 Huron Ave Hopatcong NJ
2 Frances Ave Stanhope NJ
108 Dupont Hopatcong NJ
114 Leland Trl Hopatcong NJ
73 Mountain Trl Hopatcong NJ
28 Wildwood Shores Dr Hopatcong NJ
9 Ford Ave Hopatcong NJ



he judges that have been chosen to have no vested interest in any home or family entered in the contest. Judges will have nothing to do with the prize monies or donations to the contest. Judge’s homes will not be entered in the contest.

Homes are judged based on curbside appeal only. Judges will not enter the property. Cash prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for overall best displays.

Judging will take place on the evenings of December 17, 18 & 19. With the winners announced later tonight.

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