REMINDER: Volunteers Needed - Hopatcong Litter Clean-Up Day

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How to Join the Hopatcong Litter Clean-Up Day:

  1. Hopatcong Clean Up Jobs 2021 In1Meet at the Borough Building around 9:00 AM
    Location: 111 River Styx Road Hopatcong, NJ
  2. Gain your Assignment for a Local Area
    Assignments are given out based upon the area in which you live and the areas you would like to cover whenever possible.

  3. Pick-up your Bags & Gloves
    Provided by the Borough and the DPW which is always present over the weekend to help make this special event occur

  4. Have Fun Beautifying Hopatcong
    Clean-up lasts a little over two hours, while we hope you have some fun helping to beautify the town and remove the litter that attracts mosquitos that carry the Zika virus, and may eventually flow into Lake Hopatcong.

Questions: Call 973-770-0461 with any questions about the clean-up, team assignments and scheduling special areas.

Beating Last Year’s Tally:

Last year’s 2020 tally we are looking to beat is 97 bags of litter. 925 lbs. of recyclables and trash. And an additional 800lbs. of scrap metal, six tires and a couch.

New Twist in 2021:

bs hs mosquitoes in neighborhoods 20160217But wait, this clean-up event has a unique twist! Its primary purpose is not just to improve the appearance and beauty of the borough, it is to improve the health of the community. Litter collects water that serves as a breeding ground for the mosquitos that carry the Zika virus. Hopatcong has tested high in this area because of standing water, even the little water found in bottle caps and fast food containers found along streets, in yards, and especially in vacant lots and wooded areas will provide excellent breeding conditions.

2020 mosquito controlThe event is being held in conjunction with Sussex County Mosquito Control’s effort to raise awareness and prevent the spread of the Zika virus’s by removing litter that collects rainwater and breeds mosquitos. Mosquitos that carry Zika can breed in even the smallest container of standing water. At the 9am kickoff, Jen Barone, a member of the Hopatcong Environmental Commission, will give volunteers a brief talk on the importance of their efforts and will distribute bags and gloves for litter collection.

Cleanup of this kind is not just to improve the appearance of our communities; it is important to the health of Hopatcong and to neighboring communities that may be affected by the spread of these mosquitos. No pesticides involved – it’s just a day of picking up trash!

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