Hopatcong High School – Launches Night Cosmetology Program for Adults

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Those choosing to participate will find a certified instructor for a ten month, four night a week program that can lead to a New Jersey State Cosmetology License if the participant passes the state exam.

Currently, the board operates a day program for students, one that has become popular. In fact, despite a school year that saw school closing and virtual instruction, the first two students to take the state exam, passed and earned their license. In order to do so they needed to work extra hours in the classroom and that work paid off.

The adult program will use the Hopatcong High School Cosmetology lab and will have two teachers involved, one of whom, Rosella Tripodi, is the day school instructor.

Applicants for the program must be at least seventeen years of age and have a high school or GED diploma. The cost of the program is discounted from what one might find in a traditional adult training school and stands at $8,995.

Anyone interested should call Art DiBenedetto at 862 266-3410. He will provide information on the program and an application. You can also e-mail him at adibenedetto@hopatcongschools.org.


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Who is Rossella Tripodi - Cosmetology Teacher - Hopatcong High School?

Rossella TripodiRossella Tripodi has extensive experience as a teacher for several private cosmetology schools including: Cutting Edge Academy, Artistic Academy, and adjunct professor for Sussex Community College. She also worked in top salons in Essex and Morris County, with expertise in Top Stylist, Hair Styles, Cutting, Color Design, and Chemical Services.

“I am so thrilled to help students follow the steps on how I got into the business early in life and help provide them jobs as they graduate in an industry where the annual salaries are from $37.000 to starts and can grow to $90,000 (includes Tips) over the years. “

“My heart and soul are really into this job to help the students. And getting students to help enhance the profession as they learn the basics.”

“I make my classroom as a practical test, so students have no surprises.”

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