Hopatcong Marketplace – Introduction to the Officers leading the Transformation

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Before the opening of the Marketplace today, we had a brief window to interview the officers of the Hopatcong Marketplace, to help add the faces from behind the scenes, and to help outline the positive results they have brought to our town.

Under the banner of the “Biggest Secret in Sussex County”, which still stands as the largest vendor market in our county, we had the pleasure of interviewing who is behind this great success of 700% growth in the first year. This is welcome news to the Hopatcong Community Center, which benefits from the vendor fees gathered each week.

Past History: After the Hopatcong Farmers Market that was held in the Borough Parking lot for several years, the task of the Marketplace was turned over to a core group of incredibly involved market vendors, and under the leadership of Jim Puccio (Queen of the Hills Farms), the structure started to take place.

“This is all about the local vendors, I’m just creating a positive place for the Vendors and the overall community. We seek to make Hopatcong a destination for this grand event each weekend.” Stated Jim Puccio

The Team:

  • Jim Puccio: President
  • Joyce Guarducci: Vice President
  • Jodie Penn: Secretary & Coordinator
  • Rita Russamanno: Social Media

Kicking it up a Notch in 2021, the team has added a major picnic area, expanded the marked booth spaces, added handicap parking, automated online vendor registration, created Facebook live feeds, and focused on theme weekends with special entertainment scheduled for each week.

Based upon the hard work of this team, and the great public attendance, this is the place to be on the weekends to shop, have fun, meet neighbors, and eat something pleasing from the multiple food vendors.

Thank you for a job well done… Meet Us at the Hopatcong Marketplace in 2021…

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