Always Something Fun Happening with Hopatcong Pack 88

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Following the great Crossing Ceremony that occurred on May 21, 2021, where scouts were recognized with Merit Badges and the famed crossing of the bridge that transforms each scout forward into the next rank. Pack 88 continued its busy schedule over last weekend with the Pinewood Derby and the Bike Rodeo.

Pack 88 Pinewood Derby:

Pack 88 Pinewood Derby Starting BlockThe Pinewood Derby is a favorite event for both the scouts and the parents, as everyone starts with a simple box of wood and four wheels. And after that, it is up to each scout to use their imagination to create the ideal racecar that will win the championship.

The Derby was held at the Hopatcong Senior Center Picnic Area to a large crowd of family and friends to cheer on the scouts. Overall, they had a total of over 20 cars entered from the scouts that ran through multiple runs of friendly competition in search of the fastest car. As the race progressed, there seemed to be one unbeatable car that basically smoked everyone.

The car owned and constructed by a Scout named Crosby (first name), always raced down the track faster than any of the other cars, while being in full compliance with the Derby rules of weight and design.

In order to find out what made this car so special, we talked to the creator Scout Crosby to learn his secrets. Being a true competitor, he decided to protect his winning secrets by stating, “I recommend not adding the weight, and leave the tires off for the next year.” We will have to wait to see if anyone falls for this advice in 2022.

Pictures from the Pinewood Derby Event:

Pack 88 Signs
Cars Entered
Lunch for Scouts & Families
The Track
Cars Entered 2
Pack 88 Banner
Scouts Assembly to Start Festivities
Ready to Start Racing
Big Supporter of Scouts - Mayor Francis
Mayor picking his favorite for the races
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Pack 88 Bike Rodeo – Sponsored by Hopatcong Police Department:

Hopatcong Police LogoThe second event over the weekend was the Bike Rodeo where Pack 88 in Partnership with the Hopatcong Police Department held a Bike Rodeo that is designed to teach bike safety and to test the riders’ bikes, and capabilities.

It started with Hopatcong Police Officer Patrolman Still’s that first ran a bike inspection, while every bike was complemented, they were all penalized for not having a horn or a bell on board. Next safety techniques were covered on where to ride safely, and how to obey the rules of the road, and how to use hand signals for upcoming turns.

                               Next, the young attendees were able to ask any question they wanted about the police department, and with the ages of the kids (you never know what they are going to say) questions came out about what happens when you have a prisoner, and you need to go to the bathroom. Since Patrolman Still is a veteran of these sessions (Coffee with a Cop), he answered each question with grace and clarity.

Finally, the group was let loose on a preplanned obstacle course that saw the bikers easily handle the course without killing any cones.

Pictures from the Bike Rodeo:

The Bike Rodeo Participants
Course Setup
Road Safety
Answering Tough Questions
Bike Inspections
Learning Hand Signals
Riding the Course
Riding the Course 2
Riding the Course 3
Close Police Supervision
Scout Masters Table
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Looking for a Great Summer – Join Pack 88

Pack 88 Recriutment flyerAs this article is entitled, “There is always something fun happening with Pack 88.” If Hiking, Camping, and other fun activities, not to mention learning new things are for you, you may want to join Pack 88.

We always welcome new Scout families, our program teaches boys (K-4) safety outdoors, helping others, building confidence, and just having a blast! So why not join today? Email Can't wait to hear from you! Check out the Pack 88 Facebook Page for more information.

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