Hopatcong Drama Club: Spectacular Opening Night of Grease Production

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This is a must-see performance and you have three more shows to choose from!

The opening night got underway with teacher Michael Batche (Advisor/Producer) as he announced “Live Theater is Back in Hopatcong” giving credit to HS Seniors Sarah Donnelly, Emily Rennie, and Shannon O'Sullivan who devised the plan, met with the superintendents and revised the plan to answer all of the difficult questions on how this could work during the COVID era.

The hard work from these initial three and eventually the entire cast and crew paid off on Thursday as you could just feel the energy from both the audience and the actors on stage.


Hopatcong Board of Education member Candice Smith captured the true essence of the performance after the show.

"Opening night of Hopatcong High School's Drama department's production of Grease was electric! I've never seen so many people come on a Thursday night, and a rainy night at that!

The buzz generated for this highly anticipated return to the HHS stage was mindboggling! What we saw in that theater blew us all away. There was uproarious laughter, there were people singing in their seats, there were outbursts of applause.

People love this period romantic musical comedy set in 1959 and still flock to see it. All in attendance adhered to the "Mandatory Mask" rule in the school, but it did nothing to contain the overall joy felt throughout. For an entertaining, nostalgic, hilarious, and simply FUN evening - or Saturday matinee - out, the Hopatcong High School's production of Grease is THE ticket!"

Candice Smith AuthorCandice Smith

Author, Christmas Candi: A Guide to Year-round Holiday Bliss
The Man Behind the Beard
Drafting the Culinary Circuits
Hopatcong Board of Education
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Pictures from Opening Night:

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Don’t miss your chance to see this Spectacular Show as tickets are available for the three remaining shows!

Remaining Show Times:

Show Dates:

Friday, June 4th: 7:00 PM

Saturday June 5th: 2:00 PM Matinee & 7:00 PM


Adults: $12.00 / Students & Seniors $8.00

Tickets Available at the Door



In Order of Appearance


Ms. Lynch

Emily Rennie

Alto Sax

Tenor Sax

Patty Simcox

Katelyn Kowal

Aliana Acevado
Katie Maitland
Ashley Wallis

Torri Burghoffer

Wiktoria Plewa

Eugene Florczyk

Cesar Arana


Allie Aselta



Katya Daly


Betty Rizzo

Julia Santiago

Bari Sax

Swing Sax


Greg Smtih

Philip Engle

Miss. Nickie Murr


Nico Galloza



Colin O’Sullivan



Sonny Latierri

Jonathan Karram

Mr. Brandon Batche

Mr. Paul Fersh

Ms. Kristen O'Shea


Leah Turkington


Sandy Dumbroski

Alyssa Alvarez


Danny Zuko

Jacob Escala

Bass Keyboard


Vince Fontaine

Mr. James McDonald

Mrs. Barbara Fersh

Mr. Albert Cerulo

Johnny CasinoMr.

George Segale


Cha-Cha DiGregorio

Erin Yori


Teen Angle

Mr. Kurt Zimmermann



Victoria Tarsitano

Alex Santos

Taylor Fallon

Thomas Galvez Perea

Emily Gogick



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