Reminder: Hopatcong Memorial Day Ceremony – Saturday @ 11AM - No Parade this Year

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Please Note: With earlier Covid-19 restrictions a Parade was not planned for this event, and as restrictions are being eased there was not enough time to plan a rather complex parade at the last minute. Therefore, all activities will take place at Veterans Field.

Once again the Borough and Recreation Department has created a special event with several key guest speakers and the additional of 20 hometown heroes being honored through the Boroughs Banner program.

While the weather is predicting a 37% chance of rain during the ceremony, we are asking everyone to get a little wet while we honor those who died in battle or as a result of wounds sustained in battle.

Event Information:

Event Date

05-29-2021 11:00 am


Veterans Field Hopatcong

New Hometown Heroes for 2021:

The new banners for 2021 will be located in the River Styx bridge area from Bell Avenue and the Bridge.

Lt. William T. Orr

Sgt. Robert Wayne Orr

Sgt. William T Lounsbery

Corporal Robert Juliano, Sr.

Corporal Robert B. Klein

Sgt. William (Bill) Burke

Sgt. Anna Wood McCarthy

Coxswain John J. Bickar

2nd Class Samuel Bochner

EMI Scott M. Dodenhoff

Petty Officer 3rd Class Richard R. Belar

CpI. E-3 Robert David Ujvary, Sr.

Master Gunnery Sgt. Thomas A. Daniels

Petty Officer 2nd Class Robert P. Weber

Sgt. John W. Moser, Jr.

MMM 3rd Class Thomas Crooke

E-3 William Brennan

E-4 Petty Officer Marc Russo

CpI. Walter V. Pierre

CpI. Murray Ciulla

Joining the Hometown Heroes from 2020:

BUL 3 Lester B. Coale

RM-2 Mark Noyes

E4-ADJ3 Jerome Curtin

Capt. Laurence Orlans

Master Chief Petty Officer Timothy Curtin

LCDR Walter A. Rossi

3rd Class Petty Officer Scott Curtin

Cpl. Fred Samson

Spc. 4 John Curtin III*

Fireman John M. Scala

SP5 Peter A. Ecklund

E4 Matthew C. Shaw

Major Philip Engle

PFC Paul J. Smith

PFC Carl E Giadish

Capt. Arthur G. Smith

SP-4 Michael Martin Gorgolione

HM-3 Jason C. Wolff

Cpl. David Hattrich

Senior Airman Donald William Wolff

HM-2 Arthur R. Hirschfeld

Seaman 1st Class Charles E. Wolfrum, Jr.

Sgt. Michael Kirspel, Jr.*

Sgt. Robert S. Yates

Tech Sgt E-6 Edward C. Lewis

SP4 E4 Thomas W. Yowe, Sr.

Major Warren J. Lewis

Spc. Dominick Green

Cpl. Carmelo LoPorto

SP-4 James Liptak

Seaman 1st. Class Roger P. McGowan

Sgt. Robert McMillan

Sp5 Roy McQueen

E4 Senior Airman William Reiley

SR A E4 Timothy I. McQueen

Spc. John R. Wilkerson, Jr.


We look forward to seeing you at the event.


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