Hopatcong Hometown Heroes – Reminder of Due Date for 2021

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Hopatcong Hometown Hero Banner program 2021:

In addition to the 40+ banners posted last year, the Borough of Hopatcong will be expanding the program onto River Styx Road, which provides about 20 new positions, see the following for how to sign-up.

Hometown Hero Stock Photo              Stock ExampleHighlights of Banner Program:

  • Banner Sponsorships are First-come / First-serve with a maximum of about 20 banners available in 2021
  • Each Banner will be customized with the name, rank, picture (in uniform), timeframe, and military branch
  • Anyone can purchase a banner to honor a current or former resident of Hopatcong
  • The honoree must have a minimum of two years of Town of Hopatcong residency

The cost of the program is $100 for the banner, with an additional $75 for the mounting poles (if needed), which the Hopatcong Beautification sub-committee hopes to raise funds for separately to remove the cost from the sponsors if possible.Hofferkamp Article Forms

See attached order form for more information:

Questions on Banner Program: Email bhoferkamp@hopatcong.org

“We fully support our military, both active and retired, and we think we can further show our appreciation through this Banner Program.”  Councilmember Bradley Hoferkamp

More About the Beautification sub-committee:

The idea for the sub-committee comes from the Hoferkamp’s travels through the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. “We were so impressed by the number of flowers planted in the town of Blowing Rock by volunteer groups, I knew this was an idea we could back to Hopatcong.” Stated Pat Hoferkamp, chairman of the Beautification sub-committee.

The sub-committee operates under the Environmental Commission, which is chaired by Jule Girman who fully supports the initiative, “This is a wonderful addition to the environmental growth and continued beautification of the Borough of Hopatcong.”

Important: Who Remembers the Bartlett Borthers?

The team that runs the program is looking for anyone that remembers George and/or Louis Bartlett from Hopatcong to help fill in the gaps. Are you aware of any descendants or additional background? Please contact Hopatcong Councilmember Bradley Hoferkamp at bhoferkamp@hopatcong.org.

What is Known:

George BartlettGeorge Bartlett:

Dates of Service: 1941 to June 1944

Branch of Service: United States Army-Tank Division

Service Location: France

George Bartlett joined the United States Army in 1941 with his brother Louis. George served with Patton and received a purple heart. He continued on to France where he was killed in June of 1944. George had a military funeral at Pinelawn Cemetery. While George was serving his country, his daughter Maryann was born; he never had the opportunity to meet her.

Louis Bartlett

Louis BartlettDates of Service: 1941 to October 7, 1944

Branch of Service: United States Army- Infantry Tech Sergeant

Service Location: Italy

Infantry Tech. Sgt. Louis Bartlett enlisted in the United States Army in 1941 with his brother George Bartlett. Louis served in Italy where he was wounded. He died October 7, 1944; he was 28 years old. Like his brother George, Louis had a military funeral held at Pinelawn Cemetery.

Once again please contact Hopatcong Councilmember Bradley Hoferkamp at bhoferkamp@hopatcong.org with any information.

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