Hopatcong Land Use [04/20/2021] – Changes to Ronnie's Dance Studio – Buyer Beware if Permits were not filed

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2021 LUB 04 20 2021 Movie CoverWhile we have highlighted a few of the major items that came up during the meeting, we urge readers to watch the full meeting to gain the full details.

What the Public Needs to Know:

  • Possible Change to Ronnie's Dance Studio

Ronnies Dance StudioA potential buyer for Ronnie's Dance Studio at 393 Maxim Drive may want to remove most of the parking lot and turn the mixed-use (Commercial / Residential) building into only residential use. During the working session, the Land Use Board indicated they would look favorably on the application.

  • Buyer Beware – Home Buyers need to ask, “Was that built with the proper permits.”

During the Land Use Board Meeting, a Homeowner who has appeared before the board twice before was still unable to get permission to move forward with the proposed construction. The primary problem is that many areas of the property were constructed without permits, and do not meet current ordinances.

2021 LUB 04 20 2021 In1In this case, a Hot Tub, Two Level Shed, Watershed, and Landscaping changes were done without prior permits, now the homeowner is trying to balance fixing the 15 issues to create conformity, while still proposing new changes. The homeowner will appear in July again before the Land Use Board with an amended proposal based upon feedback.

  • Fence Approved at 468 River Styx Road

The Greentree Condominiums was discussed in the Zoning Officers Report as the organization would like to construct a fence blocking access from the River Styx Bridge to the lake. In their request, they cited that residents currently feel free to use the area, and this winter an Ice Fisherman used their patio furniture to drag fishing gear onto the lake.

They would like to construct a 5-foot gate to block the access while providing necessary access to emergency personnel.


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