Sussex County Community College - Opens Summer & Fall Registration

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Sussex continues its mission of “transforming lives by providing lifelong learning opportunities through high quality academic, career and enrichment programs in an accessible and supportive environment to ensure student success.”

There are many benefits of a community college education during these uncertain times, and Sussex is working closely with students to navigate these benefits. Staying close, keeping tuition affordable while offering robust academic programs makes Sussex the College of choice.

Students may qualify for programs such as NJ Stars, Free Community College Grant, and the Equal Opportunity Fund to offset their education. Financial aid is available to most students who qualify, and their Foundation scholarships fill the gap from generous donors.

The partnerships the College has built with many 4-year colleges and universities, known as Transfer Agreements, give students a seamless transition to their bachelor’s degrees. Along with the New Jersey Transfer Agreement, students can transfer all their credits and start their bachelor’s degree at junior year status.

New and Transfer students can now get their education started at Sussex when they register for the Fall semester. Classes are offered in different modalities, including online, in-person, and hybrid. To view course offerings for the Fall and summer semesters, visit

Students looking to kick-start their education can choose from any of the three convenient Summer Sessions offered in 5-7 week blocks. Summer Session I starts May 24, Session II starts June 29, and Session III starts July 6.

With an easy application process and no application fee, students can apply online at

For more information, contact the Sussex Admissions Office at via online chat or call 973.300.2223.


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