Maestro of Hopatcong – Kurt Zimmermann – Interview on Upcoming Spring Musical

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As reported last month to ensure that this production can occur in 2021 the Musical will be held outdoors on the football field from June 3rd to 5th, which allows for social distancing that makes everyone more comfortable.

This musical’s key driving force comes from the Schools Leadership Group, which ensures that students gain the educational experience in 2021 that was lost last year due to COVID cancelation of the musical just days before opening.

“School is all about Experiences – These are the real things that are important to our kids, anything we can do to allow them to work with friends, on projects, and being proud of the results needs to take place – So kids get the experience they deserve.”

“Every day I see the light getting brighter.” - Kurt Zimmermann

                               Kurt Zimmermann – Maestro of Hopatcong:

While Mr. Kurt Zimmermann’s official title is High School Band Director, he is also known throughout the area as the “Maestro of Hopatcong”, since no event, parade, or concert takes place without Kurt’s leadership in the band’s participation and music for the event.

Some Unique Challenges:

When asked about the unique challenges that the outdoor production could bring, Kurt indicated that creating an intimate setting of the theater in the outdoor venue is rather difficult, but important to the overall performance.

Additionally, things are just starting to get back to normal with band rehearsals, and the Jazz and Marching Bands just starting up. While kids have been practicing at home, through virtual technology and now in distanced groups, we need to work hard to deliver our best performance.  

Lastly, the musical Grease is based upon 50’s Rock, which means we are going with a smaller Pit Orchestra that is specialized in this type of Rock and Roll.

Some Unique Opportunities:

HSD Grease 2021 In2Beyond the challenges, Kurt was quick to point out many positive areas for this unique performance.

Many of the scenes for Grease are outdoors, which means we can play them more true-life, than a stage performance. Watch for what happens during the car scene during the performance!

It will be a Starlight Musical on what will hopefully be a beautiful summer night for the enjoyment of the entire family.

The Audience will feel safer in an outdoor venue that is easily socially distanced, verse any type of indoor venue.

Event Information:

Dates: June 3rd, 4th, 5th

Location: Hopatcong High School Football Field

Spoiler Alert: Performance contains an original replica of the Grease Car live on the football field.

Core Leadership Team:

    • Michael Batche: Advisor/Producer
    • Kerri Batche: Stage Director
    • Kurt Zimmerman: Music Director (Pit Orchestra and vocals)
    • Megan Nardone: Director of Costumes and Makeup
    • Nikole Rizzo: Choreographer
    • Jackie Turkington: Chairman/Hopatcong Drama Boosters Club


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