Lawmakers Quote Hopatcong School District State-Aid Losses in Demand to Governor

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Great Meadows Regional District in Warren County faces a $1 million funding cut, more than three times the $290,000 in stimulus relief.

“The Governor needs to step up and do the right thing by holding school districts harmless,” said Assemblyman Wirths. “With this kind of federal assistance to our state, nobody should be losing money for their schools. I trust all the affected school districts – and the students, teachers and taxpayers within them – loudly join us in this call.”

Oroho, Space and Wirths Say No School Should Lose Money In Light of Federal Stimulus Funding

The massive federal stimulus bill the president signed today contains billions of dollars for New Jersey, including more than $2.5 billion intended for New Jersey schools, and District 24 lawmakers are calling on Governor Murphy to ensure no school districts will see their funding levels cut.

With almost $2.6 billion in federal stimulus funding for schools, Sen. Steve Oroho, Asm. Parker Space and Asm. Hal Wirths said there is no excuse for any school to lose funding in FY 2022.

Senator Steve Oroho, Assemblyman Parker Space and Assemblyman Hal Wirths said the additional money is crucial to schools and pointed to their district that stands to lose a total of $7 million under the governor’s proposed FY 2022 spending plan.

“This money from the feds should be more than enough to replace the state aid cuts that many districts face under the governor’s proposed budget,” Senator Oroho said. “Now is certainly not the time to cut any school district, considering the many costly challenges of a year dealing with the pandemic and hybrid schooling. Plus beleaguered residents shouldn’t be looking at the prospect of exorbitant property tax increases if the funding cuts go through, especially after such a trying year.”

In the 24th Legislative District, 30 of 38 school districts are losing aid in Murphy’s budget. The District has a combined loss of $7 million. That 5 percent reduction follows a $10.5 million loss the previous year. Since Murphy’s term in office, Trenton will have swiped $25 million from LD-24 schools.

“For some districts, the stimulus funds that will be directed specifically to schools will help temper the governor’s cuts, but too many of our schools will still be in the red,” said Assemblyman Space. “Our state is getting more than enough money to ensure no school will face steep cuts which would result in likely staff layoffs and reduced services as well as higher property taxes. We can’t stand for that.”


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