Old Hopatcong Ray Foods to be Purchased by NAPA Auto Parts

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While in the eyes of many residents, it is hard to get excited about an Auto Parts store moving into town, the good news is that the building is in the process of being sold to a major Auto Parts Chain showing that Hopatcong retail space is alive and well.

Plus, the DIY mechanics will have a shorter drive to pick-up that thing-a-muggy necessary to finalize the repair.

This information became available during the last Hopatcong Land Use Board meeting, as the board discussed the need to define variances in the number of parking spaces available, as the store is expected to keep several delivery vehicles in the parking lot.

The Hopatcong Land Use Board is looking forward to the new owner’s official submission as to parking and an amended site plan.

No official launch date for the new store is available at this time.


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