Hopatcong eSports Club – Pizza Fund Raiser -&- New Online School Gear Store

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To continuing the winning spirit the club needs to enhance the eSports Lab, according to Mr. James McKowen who teaches STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics) and heads up the club for the Hopatcong School District.

"The Hopatcong High School eSports Team is raising money to purchase equipment that will help us build our eSports lab. We are hoping to raise enough to purchase keyboards, mice, headsets, and extra controllers for our eSports Team."

Pizza Kit Fundraising:

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The HHS eSports team has partnered with Little Caesars Fundraising for a Pizza Kit fundraiser!  Pizza Kits can be ordered online and delivered right to your door by FedEx!  Each pizza kit contains 2 (or more) DIY pizza kits that can be made at home!  Breadstick kits and Cookie Dough are also available!  For more information visit: https://fundraising.littlecaesars.com/fundraisers/support/859e6cad-8a8c-4064-8229-a9cdec8928cc

New School Store for All Gear:

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The HHS eSports team has also partnered with EsportsGear to create a team jersey, a team hoodie & a brand new Hopatcong School Store! The store features eSports gear (team passcode required) and a variety of clothing options for Hopatcong Schools that can be purchased online.  A portion of the proceeds will help benefit the esports program as well! Visit https://esportsgear.com/collections/hopatcong-esports to see the available options or to purchase items for yourself!

If you need a passcode (required as other teams, try to steal the eSports Gear from their competitors) contact Mr. James McKowen @ jmckowen@hopatcongschools.org.


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