Sussex County Community College Announces Summer Session Registration

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Students can catch up or get ahead with their college credits

Sussex offers three convenient summer sessions which allow students to start earning college credits, complete a prerequisite, or finish a degree requirement in a condensed timeframe. Students who attend a 4-year college gain additional benefits by taking these courses at a substantial savings. Most classes will be online while a few will be in person. This gives students the chance to fit classes into a busy schedule.

· Summer Session I: May 24-June 28

· Summer Session II: June 29-August 11

· Summer Session III: July 6-August 9

Courses during the summer sessions allow students to take general education requirements in Algebra, Accounting, Anatomy & Physiology I, Art History, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Computer Concepts, Effective Speaking, English Composition I & II, Macroeconomics, Pre-Calculus, Psychology, Sociology, Statistics, US History and many more.

The College continues to closely monitor the public health situation and has many safety guidelines in place.

Visit for course schedules, information, and instructions with open registration on Feb. 22nd. For more information or assistance, please contact the Sussex Admissions Office at or call 973-300-2223. Students can apply online at

Summer Cources:

Course code       Name

ACCT101-ON      Accounting Princ. I Financial

AMSL101-01       American Sign Language I

AMSL102-01       American Sign Language II

ANTH101-ON     Introduction to Anthropology

ARTA103-41        Art History I

ARTA104-ON      Art History II

ARTA106-ON      Art Appreciation

BIOS101-ON       General Biology

BIOS101L-01       General Biology Lab

BIOS103-ON       Anatomy & Physiology I

BIOS103L-01       Anatomy & Physiology I Lab

BIOS107-ON       Nutrition Fundamentals

BIOS110-01         Biology I

BIOS110L-01       Biology I Lab

BIOS210-01         Microbiology

BIOS210-ON       Microbiology

BIOS210L-01       Microbiology Lab

BIOS210L-41       Microbiology Lab

BUSA101-ON     Intro. to Business

BUSA205-ON     Business Law I

BUSA220-ON     Principles of Marketing

CHEM110-01      College Chemistry I

CHEM110L-01    College Chemistry I Lab

COMS110-01      Computer Concepts & Applications

COMS110-ON    Computer Concepts & Applications

COMS120-01      Computer Software Applications

COMS240-CS      Computer Information Systems Internship

CRJS225-ON       Community Corrections

ECON101-OA     Macroeconomics

ECON101-ON     Macroeconomics

ECON102-ON     Microeconomics

ENGL102-01        English Composition II

ENGL102-OA      English Composition II

ENGL102-ON      English Composition II

ENGL201-01        Effective Speaking

ENGL201-ON      Effective Speaking

HIST101-O1         Hist of Western Civilization I

HIST105-01          U.S. History I

HIST105-ON        U.S. History I

HIST106-ON        U.S. History II

HUMN101-01     Survey of World Culture I

HUMN101-ON   Survey of World Culture I

MATH023-ON    Basic Algebra

MATH040-ON    Intermediate Algebra

MATH104-41      Contemporary Mathematics

MATH108-41      Statistics

MATH108-ON    Statistics

MATH110-ON    Pre-Calculus I

MATH113-41      Calculus I

PHIL110-ON        Philosophy & the Meaning of Life

PHYS110-01        Physics I

PHYS110L-01      Physics I Lab

PSYC101-01         Introduction to Psychology

PSYC101-ON       Introduction to Psychology

PSYC109-41         Psychology of the Human Lifespan

PSYC111-ON       Child Psychology

PSYC280-ON       Educational Psychology

SOCA101-ON     Intro. to Sociology


SOCA215-ON     Perspectives On Race, Gender, Class and Culture

Sussex offers the following course delivery methods.

  • Remote Hybrid Courses: A course with live instruction (students must log in to CANVAS on a computer for part of the course, and then EITHER an entirely online instruction OR in-person instruction at a specified campus location. 

  • Hybrid Course: A course with both in-person instruction AND online instruction (students must log in to CANVAS on a computer for part of the course).

  • In-person Courses: Taught with an instructor and students in a classroom setting at a specified campus location.

  • Online Courses: Online courses are at the student’s convenience. Provides students with maximum flexibility with their weekly schedule. Proctored exams may be required, either in-person or remotely on camera using Honor Lock services. (Asynchronous).

  • Remote Delivery Courses: A course offered at a specific day and time using technology and live instruction via CANVAS LMS using a computer. May require exams proctored on camera through Honor Lock services. Similar feel to an in-person class experience than online courses. (Synchronous).


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