Hopatcong School District – Superintendents Discuss Important Details of School Reopening

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In the attached 17 minute video both Mr. Arthur DiBenedetto, Superintendent, and Mr. Joseph S. Piccirillo, Assistant Superintendent took a few minutes to go over the school district reopening. As part of the interview, they covered the following important topics:

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Important Topics: Covered in the Video

  • Hopatcong Schools are reopening on February 1, 2021.

    • Since snow is already forecasted, Monday may be a snow day.
    • If the snow closure extends into Tuesday, it will be a virtual class day.

  • Student/Parent selections for class attendance have been narrowed to the following two options:

One: Full-Time Student 100% of the time.

Two: Full-Time Student Virtual 100% of the time.

NOTE: The A/B option for alternative weeks has been removed based upon school surveys that show very few students are requesting this option.

Days will continue with half-day sessions as Lunch & PE are still eliminated.

  • What makes this reopening different?

    • The School District is looking for Students and Parents help in checking for symptoms and not sending students in with any illness or symptoms, as they will be sent home immediately.

    • Beginning Monday we will be having every staff member and parent (on behalf of their child) fill out a Google survey attesting to the fact that they do not have COVID.
      Here is the form if you want to see it: https://forms.gle/PDdYj8EZFdfAefYi8. It is just one more way of trying to ensure that we follow all safety procedures in order to keep our community safe.

    • The DOH has changed the requirements on tracing possible cases vs. proven cases, which forced the school closure after the last reopening.

    • If there is an outbreak at one school, it may be closed while the remainder of the district remains open.

    • K – 4 Grades continue to have desk enclosures, and there is a 100% mask requirement across the district for all students, teachers and visitors.
  • Decisions are based on the best Educational Experience for the Students.

    • The Hopatcong School district takes this matter very seriously and has worked to ensure that every safeguard is in place.
      • All other Sussex County schools have fully reopened.
      • The Transfer Rate for Sussex County is below 1%.
    • Mental Health for Students that need the Social and Emotional Experience of school.

    • The majority of students are looking for the Learning, Interacting, Teachers, and Special Services that the schools offer.

    • Online learning has proven not to be the best experience for K -7 grades, which need the social/emotional structure of the school environment.


Please watch the video for the full details.


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