Knee Deep Club: Trout and Pickerel Contest Results – Super Trout still at Large

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The Knee Deep Club (KDC) have posted the final results of the 2021 Knee Deep club Trout and Pickerel Contest that was held on Sunday April 18, 2021.

While they had outstanding attendance and results the large trophy Trout (specially tagged) eluded capture and still continues to roam the lake. While the $100.00 award no longer applies, the KNC promises this one fish is a catch of a lifetime.

KDC Trout Contest Results - Sunday April 18th, 2021 (39 Entries)

1st Place Hunter Good 1lb 11oz Rainbow trout $390.00 Jefferson NJ

2nd Place Ken Jastrzebski 1lb 7oz Rainbow trout $187.00 Hackettstown NJ

3rd Place Bob Smith 1lb 4oz Rainbow trout $156.00 Sparta NJ

$20 Gift Cards

4th Place Mike Kolodize 1lb 2oz Trout

5th Place John Moran 12oz Trout

6th Place Harry Selnow 11oz Trout

Kids: Gabriel Clark 9oz Rod and Reel

KDC Pickerel Contest Results - Sunday April 18th. 2021 (50 Entries)

1st Place Stan Cherry 3lb 5oz Pickerel $400.00 Lincoln Park NJ

2nd Place Jeff Good 2lb 12oz Pickerel $300 Jefferson NJ

3rd Place Justin Yannetta 2lb 10oz $160.00 Whitehouse Station NJ

$20 Gift Cards

4th Place John Slader 2lb 8oz Pickerel

5th Place Ed Robillard 2lb 3oz Pickerel

6th Place Phil Meyer 2lb 0oz Pickerel

Kids: Holden Bostedo Rod and Reel

The KDC thanks everyone who fished with us on Sunday, and we hope to keep seeing you on the lake.


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