Knee Deep Fishing Club - 2021 Schedule - 75th Anniversary

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The Knee Deep Club just launched their 75th season of fishing on Lake Hopatcong, President Mike Truglio took the opportunity to announce the new schedule, and to thank all of the past presidents.

I want to start out by saying 2020 was a crazy year. I hope that we never have to go through something like that again. We’re still not out of the woods yet with this second wave of the virus going around. The good news is we do have vaccines coming, so hopefully things will get back to normal before the summer. As of right now the club is in a holding pattern for meetings and other large events. We still will be running our 2021 contests. Here is a list of the fishing contests:

  • January/February/March-Ice fishing contests (TBD)

  • April 18th is our Trout and Pickerel contest

  • May 2nd is our Panfish challenge contest

  • May 22nd & 23rd is our spring Walleye contest

  • June 27th is our Stew Lant Bass contest

  • July 10th & 11th is our summer Striper contest

  • August 7th & 8th is our Catfish contest

  • September 18th & 19th is our fall Striper contest

  • October 2nd & 3rd is our fall Walleye contest

So, as we start 2021 I would like to say this is the club’s 75th anniversary'. The club had some ideas of holding a celebration, but with all that’s going on were not sure if we will be able to pull it off. We have not been able to hold any trustee meetings, so it has been tough to plan and talk about things. Think about it though this club has been around for 75 years and that is amazing. I would like to recognize our past presidents of the club:

Herbert H. Spencer, 1946

Frank J. Atterbury, 1989-1990

John J Dugan, 1947-1948

Thomas McCormick, 1991-1994

Alfred G. Birkenmeier, 1949-1951

Tim Clancey, 1995-1998

John B. Robinson, 1953

Lou Marcucci, 1999-2002

Roland Evesn, 1953-1954

Jim Salerno, 2003 2004

George Dutcher, 1955-1956

Laura Morris, 2005

Leo August, 1957-1960

Board of Directors, 2006

John J. Roth, 1961-1964

Chuck Waltz, 2007-2008

Rudy Meiele, 1965 1966

Les Aughey, 2009-2011

John Kappock, 1967

Board of Directors, 2012

Stewart G. Lant, 1968-1972

Brad Garie, 2013

Howard E. Doll, 1973-1976

Eddie Mackin, 2014-2017

Steve Guerriero, 1977-1984

Don Gardner, 2018-2019


Here are all our presidents for the 75 years and a big thank you to all of them for keeping this wonderful fishing club going all these years.

So, as of now for 2021 we will wait and see how things go. We had to cancel almost everything last year and the club is hoping we don’t have to do that again. They are predicting the vaccine could reach everyone by the spring. I hope that is the case and we can save the summer and maybe hold some of our special events like our veterans event, our junior derby and maybe celebrate our 75-year anniversary. Until then, we hope to have some safe ice this year and maybe pull off an ice fishing contest, which is always a great event for the club. We usually get over 100 entries. Hope to see you on the lake.


More About the Knee Deep Club:

What is the Knee Deep Club about?

  • Improving The Fisheries At Lake Hopatcong
  • Community Support
  • Conservation Of New Jersey's Largest Lake
  • Over 700 Members Strong
  • Fish Stockings Of Varied Species
  • Habitat Improvement
  • Youth And Handicapped Programs
  • Special Events And Yearlong Contests

Benefits of membership include;

  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Reduced Contest Entry Fees
  • Educational Seminars


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