Results of the Knee Deep Club Catfish Contest on Lake Hopatcong

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The Knee Deep Club’s Catfish contest was held this past week, with the following winners:

1st Place: Jack Dziduch with a 10 lb 14 oz Channel Cat

2nd Place: went to John Hogan, his channel weighing 9 lb 7 oz

3rd  Place: Greg White of Hamburg with a 9 lb 1 oz Channel

4th Place: Randy Gutwein placed 4th with a 9-pound fish

5th Place: Mike Truglio,  5th with an 8 lb 15 oz

6th Place: Charlie McBrides 6th place fish was 6 lb 14 oz.

NOTICE: The Knee Deep next contest for Fall Hybrid Striped Bass will be held on September 19th & 20th.

More About Catfish -  In New Jersey:

channelcatsmThe channel catfish is considered by many anglers to be the most sporting and most desirable member of the catfish family. All members of the catfish family have 4 pairs of barbels or whiskers and an adipose fin on the rear of their backs similar to that of a trout. The channel cats can be easily distinguished from their bullhead cousins by the shape of their tails. All catfish with the exception of the Flatheads, have deeply forked tails, while their bullhead cousins have a squared or rounded tail shown at the bottom.

The anal fin of the channel cat has 24 to 29 rays compared to the similar white catfish that has 24 to 29 rays. Young channel catfish usually have dark spots scattered along their sides however these spots may disappear with age and may not be present on larger individuals. Records of channel catfish indicate they may grow to be 40 years of age. The current World Record 58 pounder was caught in Santee-Cooper Reservoir, South Carolina in 1964. The current State Record of 33 pounds 3 ounces was caught by Howard Hudson back in 1978 from Lake Hopatcong pictured below.


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