Results of the Knee Deep Club Catfish Contest on Lake Hopatcong

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Over the last weekend, the Knee Deep Club held their annual Catfish Contest on Lake Hopatcong with a great turn-out of 49 entries.

Cash prizes were based on an 80% payout of entry fees for the three (3) heaviest catfish weighed in for the contest. The anglers catching the 4th, 5th and 6th heaviest catfish will each receive a $20.00 gift certificate.

Take a Kid Fishing. A contestant may enter a child 16 years old or under in this contest for a $5 entry fee. The child with the heaviest Catfish will win a rod and reel combo. Ties will be broken by which Catfish was weighed in first.


1ST Place Alex Stockton (Hopatcong NJ.): 6lb 1oz White Cat $391.00

2ND Place Lou Marcucci (Mt Arlington NJ.): 5lb 2oz Channel Cat $236.00

3RD Place Justin Haines (Jefferson NJ.): 5lb 2oz Channel Cat $157.00

$20 Jefferson Diner Gift Cards

4th Place Sean Harbrich 4lb 6oz Channel cat

5th Place Kirra Gilfillan 3lb 14oz Channel cat

6th Place Glenn Sawyer 2lb 13oz Channel cat


Rod and reel winner Christian Swenty 1lb 1oz Brown cat

00 HR

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