Knee Deep Club Announces Lake Hopatcong Fishing Winners

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According to the official records from the Knee Deep Club (LDC), the following are the winners from this weekend’s Trout and Pickerel Contests.

KDC Trout Contest - Sunday April 22nd 2018 - 62 Entries

  • 1st Place Ken Jastrzebsk 3lb 7oz Rainbow Trout $472.00 Hacketstown NJ
  • 2nd Place Krzysztof Bak 3lb 2oz Rainbow Trout $283.00 Cllifton NJ
  • 3rd Place Lou Marcucci 2lb 15oz Brown Trout $236.00 Bonus Plan Mt Arlington NJ

$20 Gift Cards

  • 4th Place John Fernandez 2lb 7oz Trout
  • 5th Place Jack Dziduch 1lb 13oz Trout
  • 6th Place Jim Ryan 1lb 10oz Trout

Child Rod and Reel Winner Samantha Gaydos 8oz trout

KDC Pickerel Contest - Sunday April 22nd 2018 - 82 Entries

  • 1st Place Greag White 3lb 14oz Pickerel $632.00 Flanders NJ
  • 2nd Place Rich Everett 3lb 13oz Pickerel $473.00 Bonus Jefferson NJ
  • 3rd Place Dennis Upp 3lb 11oz Pickerel $253.00 Kevil NJ

$20 Gift Cards

  • 4th Place Jack Dziduch 3lb 9oz Pickerel
  • 5th Place Bruce Blanchard 3lb 6oz Pickerel
  • 6th Place Wayne Bryant 3lb 4oz Pickerel

Child Rod and reel winner Samantha Gaydos 1lb Pickerel

Dows Boat Rental Also Mentioned the following fishing facts for Lake Hopatcong:

  • We are starting to see some crappie, still coming out of shallower water using fatheads and rufus jigs.
  • Knee Deep’s next contest will be held May 5th and 6th for Walleye. The season for walleye will open again on May 1st.
  • Remember that largemouth and smallmouth season is closed and if caught must be released back to the water.

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