Hopatcong State Park Opened for Late Night Fishing

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Until May 17, licensed fisherman can use the Hopatcong State Park from 7:30 p.m. until midnight.

Since this is the spawning season for walleyes which are more active at night, this is an ideal time to get in a little late night fishing. It is recommended that you put a copy of your 2017 fishing license in the window of your front dash-board, so the nighttime patrols know you are on-site.

In addition, this pilot program  will gauge how well the fisherman respect the park in this off hours, so please make sure you follow the rules:

  1. No Alcoholic beverages
  2. Remove all of your trash
  3. Ensure you leave by the 12:00 Midnight deadline

The Department of Environmental Protection will reassess the project at the end of the year to determine whether to continue it next year.

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