BLASTS TODAY - Weldon Quarry – 11/12/2021 at 10:00 AM

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Hopatcong Lake Regional News has been notified by representatives from the Quarry that they will blast today November 12, 2021 at about 10:00 AM.

These blasts are normally felt across the Lake Hopatcong Region, for more information on these blasts that we hear and feel, see the following articles.

Weldon's Lake Hopatcong Quarry is located at 181 NJ-181, Lake Hopatcong, which is on the northern tip of Lake Hopatcong. The Quarry resides in both Hopatcong and Jefferson and is close enough that residents throughout the area will hear the explosions and possibly feel strong shock waves.

Since this is a Granite Quarry, drilling and blasting is a required operation to mine the rock material for further processing. During the blasting part of this process, the chemical energy in the explosive is used to both fragment and displace the rock.

Picatinny Arsenal is the Joint Center of Excellence for Guns and Ammunition, providing products and services to all branches of the U.S. military. Picatinny states, “We are a unique facility that is vital to our nation – there is no government or industry counterpart with our capabilities.”

Picatinny Arsenal is located off Route 15 just two-miles from Lake Hopatcong on the eastern shore in both Jefferson and Rockaway Township in Morris County. Which is once again, close enough for residents to hear and possibly feel any large explosions.

Noise disturbances from Picatinny are generally caused when we conduct quality testing of cannon ammunition or other items. In some cases, noise disturbances are caused by experiments that are necessary to deliver reliable and cutting-edge technologies to our Soldiers.

Reliable armaments are absolutely critical to our Soldiers. Our testing at Picatinny plays a crucial role in ensuring our Soldiers have cutting-edge, reliable ammunition, which can make the difference between life and death on the battlefield.


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