Miss Lotta 2021 Veterans Cruise – Join the Festivity – Cheer on the Vets!

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The Lake Hopatcong Region is ready to enter into another MAJOR EVENT as we honor our Veterans that have served all four towns around our lake community.

While COVID stripped us of this event last year, the good news is the event this year is OUT OF THE WORLD based upon the planning of the Lake Hopatcong Cruises under the leadership of Kim Arbolino, and with special gratitude to Alice and Bela Szigethy (Owners) that continue to support this event each year without regard to loss of revenue.

Event Information:

Date: June 26, 2021

Cruise #1: Hopatcong & Jefferson

      • Times: 8:45 AM Boarding – 10:30 AM Landing

Cruise #2: Mount Arlington & Roxbury

      • Times: 10:45 AM Boarding – 12:30 PM Landing

Note: Both cruises will be hosted by the American Legion for an after-party

What makes it Out of the World:

Each Town has gone above-and-beyond this year to make this occasion special to the Veterans that have served to protect our life, liberty, and freedom that we now continue to enjoy. They have answered challenges around the world and now is your chance to pay them a small-level-of-thanks.

What Makes This Year Special?

  • Jefferson will close Brady Bridge for 30 Minutes to allow Firetrucks, Water Defender, Jefferson Band, and a special solo from Carolyn to play the Battle Hyman and America the Beautiful.
  • Hopatcong will close one lane in River Styx Bridge to make way for the multiple fire trucks, Water Canon, Hopatcong Band under the leadership of Kurt Zimmerman.
  • Mount Arlington and Roxbury are also doing similar grand events within their areas, with more details to follow.

Suggested Meeting Areas for Each Town:

  • Hopatcong: River Styx Bridge at 10:00 AM
  • Jefferson: Brady Bridge at 9:05 AM
  • Mount Arlington: Beach Area at 11:25 AM
  • Roxbury: Shore Hills Country Club at 11:50

Please Arrive at least 30 minutes in advance of the time listed above.

Map of Cruise #1:

Hopatcong Jefferson Cruise 2021 2

Map of Cruise #2:

Roxbury MTA Cruise Map 2021 3

After the cruise, the veterans will be treated to a light lunch at the American Legion Hall on Espanong Road. Free parking and a complimentary shuttle to and from Nolan’s Point will be provided by the American Legion.

Please set your schedule and help us enjoy this event to honor those that deserve our thanks for their service!

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