The Lake Hopatcong Foundation Station – Makes cover of NJ Historic Trust's Annual Report

Photo Credit: Mike Del Vecchio, of the Tri-State Railway Historical Society

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The Lake Hopatcong Train Station is featured on the cover of New Jersey Historic Trust's 2019 Annual Report! The photo, taken by Mike Del Vecchio, of the Tri-State Railway Historical Society, shows the station under the glow of a bright moon and is one of our favorite photos of our 1911 building! 

The New Jersey Historic Trust has been a consistent supporter of the Lake Hopatcong Station rehabilitation project with their most recent grant of $260k listed in the 2019 completed projects section of the report. The Trust was created by law in 1967 to preserve New Jersey's historic resources across the state and seeks to be a leading voice for preservation in New Jersey and a catalyst for preservation and community revitalization activities.

Editors Note: The moonlight shot of the Lake Hopatcong Foundation Train Station fits right into the Holloween theme. This made us wonder about the history of the building, which we have posted below for your enjoyment. Note – It is only a local rumor that Jimmy Hoffa was last seen on July 30, 1975 traveling through the train station on the day he disappeared.

Lake Hopatcong Train Station CoverFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

History of the Lake Hopatcong Station

Lake Hopatcong is a commuter railroad station for New Jersey Transit. The station, located in the community of Landing in Roxbury Township, Morris County, New Jersey, United States, serves trains for the Montclair-Boonton Line and Morristown Line at peak hours and on holiday weekends. Service from Lake Hopatcong provides to/from Hackettstown to New York Penn Station and Hoboken Terminal. The stop is located on the tracks below Landing Road (Morris County Route 631) next to the eponymous Lake Hopatcong. The station consists of one active and one abandoned side platform, along with a shelter on the active platform. There is no accessibility for handicapped persons under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

Service through the Landing area began on January 16, 1854, for the Morris and Essex Railroad, but there was no stop at the shore of Lake Hopatcong.[9][10] People who wanted to visit the lake had to get off at nearby Drakesville station and traverse from there to the lake. In 1882, after the Central Railroad of New Jersey built the Wharton and Northern Railroad to Charlotteburgh, there was added incentive to bring a station to the Lake Hopatcong area. The Delaware, Lackawanna, and Western Railroad, which took over the Morris and Essex tracks, established a stop in Landing in 1882.[3] In 1910, service began by the Morris County Traction Company, an electric trolley railroad.[11]

The Lackawanna Railroad announced on July 15, 1910, that a new station would be built at Lake Hopatcong, just east of the nearby county bridge.[12] The new station opened on May 28, 1911, a new all-concrete structure with two elevators and a complete walkway on the south side of the Morris Canal.[13] Service on the Lackawanna Cut-Off, a new mainline just west at Port Morris, opened on December 24, 1911.[14][15] The concrete overpass was demolished in 1982, after being condemned in 1978. The station depot on Landing Road continues to stand.


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