Jefferson Office of Emergency Management

Jefferson Office of Emergency Management
Jefferson Office of Emergency Management

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As per Township Ordinance 1A-39, within the Department of Public Safety, there shall be a Division of Emergency Management. The Division shall consist of an Emergency Management Coordinator, who shall be appointed by the Mayor of the Township, and an Emergency Management Council, the members of which shall also be appointed by the Mayor of the Township. The Emergency Management Coordinator and Emergency Management Council shall have such functions, powers and duties as provided by state laws, orders and regulations of the New Jersey Department of Public Safety.


Currently the Office is staffed by the following:


Coordinator: William Craig, Dep. Chief of Police
Dep. Coordinator:  Eric Wilsusen, Police Captain
Dep. Coordinator: Paul Castimore, Police Sargeant
Dep. Coordinator: Ed Mangold, Past Fire Chief
Dep. Coordinator: Mickey Deloreto, Past Fire Chief
Dep. Coordinator: Andrew Schmidt, Past Fire Chief
OEM Recording Secretary: Shelley Ebbinghouser, Police Chief's Admin. Asst.


The Office is responsible for coordinating all large scale emergencies. OEM is responsible for maintaining the Township Emergency Management plan and to provide resources to all Township Department during emergencies or in times of crisis. In addition, the Office works closely with the Morris County Office of Emergency Management and the New Jersey State, Office of Emergency Management.

The Office of Emergency Management also coordinates a Citizen Emergency Response Team (CERT). Currently, Linda Hamer is the CERT Coordinator for Jefferson Township.  The CERT program is voluntary and is always seeking volunteers. Training is provided. For more information, go to the CERT information site.

The coordinators can be contacted through the Police Chief's Office at 973-208-6151.

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