Business Spotlight: Lakeview Apiary – Your local source of Honey Products

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Hopatcong Lake Regional News had the recent chance to interview Todd Trotte from Lakeview Apiary to gain an understanding of what this regional business offers to our local community

Lakeview Apiary specializes in honey-related products that are fresh from their hive to your table. This business started in 2013 after a careful year of research on how to bring the best bee and honey products to the market within our region.

According to Todd, “We started out small with our first hive in 2013 and have grown from that point to offer the greater community our superior bee related products, each year we continue to expand and improve our understanding of the bees, and the products that we deliver.”

Products from the hive (Seasonal when available)

Spring/Summer wildflower honey 1 lb.


From this Spring and Summer harvest.  Much lighter than Fall honey.  Some of the local flora that was in bloom at the time of the bee's gathering period were clover, dandelion, various ornamentals and tree blooms such as maple and black locust.

Honey 1

Late Summer/Fall wildflower honey 1 lb.


A blend of late summer and autumnal flora from the area. Fall honey tends to be noticeably darker in color and richer and stronger in taste.  Some of the local flora that contributes to the dark fall honey are knotweed, goldenrod, smartweed, and aster.

Propolis tincture 1 oz. dropper bottle


A medicinal tincture made from pure propolis and pure grain alcohol. 

Where can you Find our Products?:

Local: Jersey Girl Operation Market Garden

52 NJ-181, Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849

Phone: (973) 906-4544


Based on Seasonal Availability


More about Lakeview Apiary:

Honey bees are our passion

Lakeview BeesWhat started out as a hobby, instantly turned into an intense respect and passion for the honey bee.  From the time I opened my first hive, to building my first apiary and then expanding to my first out apiary, the honey bee still amazes me.  It became clear to me early on that the honey bee does not need us rather we need the honey bee.  At Lakeview Apiary, it will always be considered a privilege to have such dedicated and amazing workers as the honey bee.

From our hives to your table

With hives set up in various locations in NW New Jersey and the primary apiary in Lake Hopatcong, there is a very large variety of wildflowers and trees available throughout spring and summer for the bees to gather from.  Although a slight variation in flavor from year to year, the varied nectar creates some of the most pleasant tasting honey available in the area.  This honey is delivered from our hives to your table.

Fun Facts about bees from Lakeview Apiary:

  • Bees can be used as an indicator that Spring is on the way.  Sometimes, as early as mid February, the bees can bee seen hauling pale yellow pollen into the hives (if the weather is favorable),  usually from the early budding maples that are not uncommon this time of year.
  • Did you know that you can order a box of bees through mail-order, which include Queen Bee, and three pounds of additional bees?
  • Why do you see bees in the middle of winter on a warmer day? Bees will not use the hive as a bathroom, but will rather take a cleansing flight to get rid of the waste.
  • Do bees hibernate in the winter? No, they are quite active in the hives by exercising their flight muscles in a cluster to keep the hive warm.
  • The biggest worry for a beekeeper is to keep the hive alive over the winter months
  • The pollen that Bees Gather is stored on their hind legs (Baskets), which is what they use to deliver the nectar to the hive

How to Help the Bees:

There has been significant attention in the media as to how to help the bees, as they do the important job of pollinating the different flowers, plants, and trees.  According to Todd Trotte,  "The best way to help the bees is to allow the food for the bees to grow.  Rather than mowing down fields and highway areas, let them grow so long as it isn't causing a public safety hazard or creating environmental pressures for other species."

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Hopatcong Lake Regional News had the recent chance to interview Todd Trotte from Lakeview Apiary to gain an understanding of what this regional business offers to our local community

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