Important Location & Contact Info for Lake Hopatcong Cleanup THIS Saturday

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The Lake Hopatcong Community Cleanup held on November 3rd is being coordinated by the Lake Hopatcong Foundation in partnership with the Lake Hopatcong Foundation. During the cleanup, hundreds of volunteers will access the lake from more than 40 lakefront locations. The cleanup is held in conjunction with the 60-inch lake drawdown held every five years.

Most volunteer groups will begin the cleanup between 8-8:30am except as noted. Contact information for the team leaders is provided below for a few locations as well as a complete list of access locations.

Borough of Hopatcong

Jule Girman, Hopatcong Environmental Commission (HEC) Chairman, 973-945-6507

Location: Residence of Jerry Scanlon, 383 Maxim Drive (Byram Cove)

Volunteers: Will begin cleanup at 9am including local mayors, HEC members and girl scout troop.

Linda Karpiak, Novartis Volunteer, 973-398-6563

Location: Crescent Cove Beach Club, 5 Crescent Cove (near Hudson Avenue)

Volunteers: Including scouts from Hopatcong Troop 88.

Township of Jefferson/Lake Hopatcong

Bill Craig, East Shore Home Owners Association President, 862-266-5370

Location: Beach area near 28 McNabb Road; volunteers including students from the Academy for Environmental Science at Jefferson High School.

Patty Romano, Jefferson Township Clean Community Coordinator, 201-317-4399

Location: Dow’s Boat Rental, 145 Nolan’s Point Road

Volunteers: From soccer team.

Borough of Mount Arlington

Kim Hipwell (973-229-7576) and Jim Leffler (201-919-5414), LHF Volunteers

Location: Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club, 75 North Bertrand Road

Volunteers:Various local volunteers

Township of Roxbury/Landing

Emily Adams, MetLife Sustainability Lead | Real Estate & Corporate Services, 908-894-2171

Location: Former bank, 122 Lakeside Blvd.

Volunteers: Will begin cleanup at 9am including MetLife employees and Girl Scout Troops #96186 and #95137.

Other Access Locations

  • Jefferson - Tiny's Tavern (Emily Adams - Team Leader) - MetLife Team
  • Jefferson - 32 Benedict Drive (Will Avers - Team Leader)
  • Jefferson - 75 Yacht Club Drive (Ken Smith, Team Leader) - Boy Scout Troop 76 from Lincoln Park
  • Jefferson - 52 Mason St (Mary Lynne Barker, Team Leader) - From site of new bridge to Liffy north to MSP
  • Jefferson - Lake Forest Yacht Club LFYC beach towards Ashley Cove (south) including dock area
  • Jefferson - Prospect Point Preserve – (Tim Clancy, Team Leader)
  • Jefferson - Mason Street Pub – (Kayla Cole – Team Leader)
  • Jefferson - East Shore Beach (Bill Craig, Team Leader)
  • Jefferson - 148 Chincopee Rd - Henderson Bay - Service project for Hilltop Country Day School.
  • Jefferson - Capp Beach – (Sean Grealy, Team Leader) Including students from Montclair State Univ
  • Jefferson – 6 Shallow Cove Road (Lori Kircher, Team Leader)
  • Jefferson - Liffy Island – (AJ Lambert – Team Leader)
  • Jefferson - Sandy Point, 25 Wild Way (Donna Macalle-Holly - Team Leader)
  • Jefferson - New Hampshire Ave Fire Lane - (Joseph Mina – Team Leader)
  • Jefferson - NJ State Police Station (Amanda Nuzzo – Team Leader)
  • Jefferson - Main Lake Market (Lisa Palanchi - Team Leader)
  • Jefferson - Lake Forest Yacht Club boat ramp towards 75 Yacht Club Dr (north) – (Team Ridge Powersports – Team Leader)
  • Jefferson - 216 Lakeside Ave-Henderson Cove (Robyn Pirmann - Team Leader) - Henderson Cove
  • Jefferson - Bright's Cove 4 Lorettacong Rd (Esther Poulsen - Team Leader)
  • Jefferson - Dow's Boat Rental (Patty Romano – Team Leader)
  • Jefferson - Katz Marina at the Cove (Patty Romano – Team Leader)
  • Jefferson - 5 N Alpine Drive, Behind Sherman Island (Cal Thomas, Team Leader)
  • Hopatcong - 14 Shore Drive (Amy Leonard, Team Leader)
  • Hopatcong - 1B Point Pleasant Rd (Cindy Heaton, Team Leader)
  • Hopatcong - Davis Cove (Joel Servoss - Team Leader) including Lake Hopatcong Commission reps
  • Hopatcong - Elba Point Beach Club (Brian Cash and Mike Purdue – Co-Leaders)
  • Hopatcong - Garden State Yacht Club (Sharon Gruber – Team Leader)
  • Hopatcong - Roland May Eves Sanctuary (Yvonne Syto – Team Leader)
  • Hopatcong - Wildwood Shores (Jen Barone – Team Leader)
  • Hopatcong 383 Maxim Drive (Jule Girman, Team Leader)
  • Hopatcong - Hopatcong Homesteads Beach Assoc 1 Mariner Rd (Marty Straka – Team Leader)
  • Hopatcong - 70 & 72 West River Styx Rd (Laurie Greener, Team Leader)
  • Hopatcong - Johnny's Marina (Travis Sterling – Team Leader)
  • Hopatcong - Byram Bay, 203 Maxim Drive (Jagger Cohen - Team Leader)
  • Hopatcong - 15 Oakdale Ave (Jess Murphy, LHF President - Team Leader)
  • Hopatcong - 2 Knollwood Place, Byram West Shore (Cliff Lundin - Team Leader)
  • Hopatcong - Glasser Post Office – (Chris O’Connor – Team Leader)
  • MTA - Lee's County Park Marina - Kristen Hand and Darlene Rinaldi co leaders
  • MTA - Fire Lane across from Parker Ave (Matt Stetson – Team Leader)
  • Roxbury - Shore Hills Country Club (Ken Fox - Team Leader)
  • Roxbury - Kingsland Association (Maria Sudol - Team Leader
  • MTA - 13 Bertrand Island Road (Rory Scanlan – Team Leader)
  • Jefferson - 23 S Lakeside Ave (Rory Scanlan - Team Leader)
  • Jefferson - Woodport Cove - 10 Allegheny Trail (Rory Scanlan - Team Leader)
  • MTA - Mt Arlington POA, Hillard Road (Ann Pravs, LHF Commissioner -Team Leader)
  • MTA - Mt Arlington Public Beach/Barnes Bros. Marina (Kristen Hand – Team Leader) w/ GS Troop 6078
  • MTA - 95 and 97 North Bertrand Road Fire Lane – (Leann Phil - Team Leader) Suburban Consulting
  • Roxbury - Hopatcong State Park to Clambake Pt (Tom Lupo - Team Leader) - Boy Scout Troop 91

To coordinate the removal of all the debris, the foundation will be working in partnership with the Morris and Sussex Counties’ Clean Communities programs, as well as the Departments of Public Works in Hopatcong, Jefferson, Mt. Arlington, and Roxbury. Bridgestone Tire will be recycling tires pulled from the lake.

The Lake Hopatcong Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to protecting the lake environment and enhancing the lake experience by bringing together public and private resources to encourage a culture of sustainability and stewardship on and around New Jersey’s largest lake, for this and future generations. To learn more, visit

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